5 Ways To Create A Dog-Friendly Garden


5 Ways To Create A Dog-Friendly Garden

If you’re thinking about bringing a dog to your home, one of the things that you have to consider is that your house and your garden should be safe and pet-friendly. While some products that you use in your garden may not cause you or your family any harm, keep in mind that some items that can be found in your garden can be harmful to your dog. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ (ASPCA) Animal Poison Control Center compiled its list of the 10 most common hazards to dogs, and according to the organization, fertilizer products were the ninth most poisonous household chemicals that can be found in the average home. But you don’t need to keep your pet indoors to ensure your dog’s safety. To keep your dog healthy and happy, consider creating a dog-friendly garden that your family and pet will enjoy. Following are 5 ways to create a Dog-friendly garden.

Fence off areas and other special plants

Dogs are curious and have lots of energy, so it’s inevitable that your pet may dig up all those carrots or pull down the prized orchids in your garden. To prevent this from happening, fence off your vegetable garden and other areas where your special plants are contained. You may also want to try training your dog so he won’t dig up or trample your veggies.

Designate relief spots

When creating a dog-friendly garden, it’s a smart idea to designate spots where your pet can go potty to avoid having a messy and unsanitary garden. You will need to train your dog to go to these designated bathroom spots if your pet needs them. To mask the smell of dog poop, try planting mint near these areas. If your dog decides to chew on a few leaves, don’t worry—ingesting mint, peppermint, or spearmint won’t harm your pet. In fact, these plants can help to freshen your dog’s breath and can even help digestion.

Keep fertilizer bags away from your pet

Fertilizers can be highly toxic for your dog, so make sure to keep bags of fertilizer in a place where your pet can’t get to them. Even when you’re using organic fertilizer, it’s best to keep it in a shed as it can smell like dinner to your dog.

Give your pet access to drinking water

You may not want your dog to drink water from your outdoor fountain, however, it’s important to give your pet access to clean drinking water while playing in your garden. Leave a filled water bowl in a shaded area in your garden so your dog can enjoy the outdoors without getting overheated.

Choose pet-friendly plants for your garden

You may be surprised to learn that some plants such as gardenia, aloe vera, peony, and carnations can be harmful to your pet. When creating a dog-friendly garden, go the extra mile and find out which plants may be toxic for your four-legged friend. Some plants that are safe for dogs include African violets, marigolds, petunias, sunflowers, thyme, tiger lily, and hibiscus.

5 Ways To Create A Dog-Friendly Garden

Dandelions are safe for puppies

Follow these tips to create a dog-friendly garden that you and your pet can enjoy. Not only will you make your pet happy, but you’ll also be protecting your furry friend from harm.


Thanks to our guest blogger, Sally Perkins!