Administering Liquid Medication to Your Dog

Administering Liquid Medication to Your Dog

Be careful to aim the liquid to the side!



As promised, here is the first of our series of tips for helping your dog through recovery at home.


We’d like some good to come out of this tragedy, so while Musik Ulbrich & I are working together to help her heal from her brutal dog mauling, we’ll share some of our tips with our FB fans as we can. Hopefully, you won’t need these tips, but they will great to have if you do!


We’ll start off with an easy one…




MEASUREMENT – We really liked AIMSS‘s idea to put a sticker on the syringes with the exact dose. It doesn’t seem like much, but when you’re exhausted and stressed – and especially if you have several meds to administer – this makes it simple to know and see how much to pull each time. If your vet doesn’t do this (we’ve never seen this before in the 50 or so vets we’ve used over the years!), then you can do it yourself with a small piece of electrical or duct tape. You’ll be really happy you did!


ADMINISTERING – A trick for making it easier for your dog to swallow is to put the end of the syringe in the back corner of their mouth. This way, it’s sure to get in since it’s way back there, BUT it doesn’t cause choking (and spitting out!) because it goes off off the back of the mouth into the throat, instead of trying for a straight shot down the middle, which almost always causes dogs to choke and/or spit up the meds.


AFTERWARDS – If your dog is allowed to eat, then ALWAYS immediately reward afterwards to say “thanks” and help train them to know there’s something good at the end. I usually show Musik her reward up front, which also helps focus her on that, and not on the task at hand. I can even easily put a pill in the back her throat the same way when she knows she’s about to get an amazing treat reward. PLUS, the treat helps wash down the meds, further insuring it will go where it needs to.

Administering Liquid Medication to Your Dog

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Be careful out there!