Does your dog have anything they don’t like done to them, or places they don’t want to be touched? This is the perfect time to work on these issues.


As you see in the pic below, Musik Ulbrich is able to be handled in every way imaginable. So she can even work large events like this RSA Conference (held in Feb).


You don’t want your dog to fear anyone or anyone’s touch. Especially so they can be handled by veterinarians, groomers, pet sitters, friends, etc. For instance, if they get a foxtail or bur in their paw, anyone should be able to easily take it out.


Here is some more info on the importance of training your dog to be easily handled and some tips to help improve any issues:


If your dog is OK touching them, but not their toys, bones, or food, then you can work on that with this advice on minor resource guarding:


If you ever feel unsafe trying any of these things with your dog, please hire a professional to help get you on the right track – safely! The Pooch Coach is only a phone call away.


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