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Have you been to an SFDC Meetup yet? People are really enjoying this easy and fun way to learn and practice training tips, meet other dog owners, and have a great time playing with their dogs. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Saturday, April 16th @ 12 noon – 2 PM
at Christopher Playground in SF.

Free demos, advice & treats from The Pooch Coach!


Come out with your dog for some socialization and some fun.  Learn a new trick or 2.   Have a question about your dog’s behavior?  The Pooch Coach will be offering free 1-1 advice to attendees.   It’s a great way to practice your dog’s greeting skills with other dogs as well as with humans… All overseen by an expert canine behaviorist.


Free Professional photos by Soulful Pet Photography!

Learn about dog massage with Relaxing Rex Canine Massage


relaxing rex canine massage
Anastasia of Relaxing Rex working on Kompis


Meet dog-friendly Tara Firma Farms and get FREE natural dog bones.  Use code “DOG6” and get $10 off your first order.


tara firma farms
Yummy Tara Firma Farms bone!

Here’s a video of people enjoying previous Meetups – hear what they have to say!

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Special extra Meetup  

Wed, May 4th at 7PM @ Babies ‘R Us in Daly City, CA


Babies ‘R Us has teamed with The Pooch Coach to give a talk on how to safely introduce your dog and your baby. Whether you have a new baby on the way, or are getting a new dog and already have a small child, this is sure to be helpful information for you.  Click for more info on Facebook or Meetup.com

April Tips

When Your Dog is Sick.

Poor little Kompis spent
3 days & 2 nights in a
hospital on a feeding tube
and IV last week. 


As many of you who are friends or follow our Facebook page know, my dog Kompis was very sick these last few weeks. That’s why this newsletter is late. She ended up being hospitalized for a few days. I was her 24 X 7 nurse for several days before and now almost a week since she got out, weaker than before she went in.


As usual, I’ve learned much from her, her struggle and her strength. I’ve also learned more about vets, and not much of it good. 🙁   After thousands of dollars, we still have no diagnosis. When I get through this, I plan to write a blog about our emergency vet services in the Bay Area. But, for now, all my energy must be on her healing, and she seems to be slowly & steadily on the mend.


So, in an effort to find some silver lining, I’ll pass on some things I’ve learned to you… As my tips this month are about taking care of a sick dog.


Here’s a brief blog & video that helps people understand the patience required to help a hurting pet. Even professionals like myself struggle, so don’t feel bad if it seems overwhelming to you!



Here’s a blog and video that discusses the important differences between your dog just being a picky eater vs. being sick.  It’s important to understand your dog’s typical eating habits so you can tell when he or she isn’t feeling well.  This is critical information for all dog parents!


I hope your dogs remain happy & healthy and that you do not need to deal with the heartache of a sick pet. But, the odds are that we all will have to face some sort of illness or injury with our furry kids at some point.  Just keep working on & building your relationship with your pup so you can more easily make it through the tough times together, as well as best enjoy the good times!

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And click here to visit our blog posts with tips on all sorts of topics that will help you with your pup. Like: What to do if your dog gets skunked, or tips for dealing with loud (scary) noises, and even info about how dogs see.


The Pooch Coach San Francisco Dog Training

Kompis got some much needed loving care from
Relaxing Rex when she got out of the hospital.


Hope to see you at the April Meetup so you can learn about how dog massage can help your pup.  It aids in healing injuries, soothes sore muscles, and eases pain from arthritis and other issues in aging dogs.

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