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Have you been to an SFDC Meetup yet? People are really enjoying this easy and fun way to learn and practice training tips, meet other dog owners, and have a great time playing with their dogs. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:

Saturday, May 2nd @ 12 noon
Christopher Playground in SF

The theme for May’s Meetup is Working Dogs!

David Dorn

Our first special guest for this Meetup is David Dorn, who has trained dogs for police work. He was a Sergeant with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department with over 20 years of experience in the K-9 Unit. We will learn some tricks for teaching your dog how to sniff out objects and he’ll do a demonstration with one of his trained working dogs. Learn more about David here.

The Pooch Coach will discuss the importance of giving your dog jobs to do, including playing games with them and how teaching them these kinds of skills helps them be happier and calmer pets. And, as always, she’ll help you with any 1-1 coaching you need with training or behavioral issues.

Kira Stackhouse

Second special guest! Kira Stackhouse of Nuena Photography will be on hand to take professional photos! Free low res images for you and a chance to buy prints of your pup. Kira founded Nuena Photography in 2007. Her work has been published in books and magazines nationwide, and she’s had the great honor of photographing many newsworthy people and events. In her spare time, Kira volunteers her time at local animal rescue organizations and photographs foster pets.

Meet Up Testimonials!

Here’s a video of people enjoying previous Meetups – hear what they have to say!

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A Life Saving Safety Tip

Have you ever worried about your dog running out of the door or into the street if he see something he wants to chase? There’s an easy way to ensure your dog understands “boundaries” you create. Once these boundaries are set, your dog will not cross them unless you give him the command to do so.

This is useful for keeping your dog out of the kitchen when you’re cooking, away from the baby’s play area or, most importantly, protect him when you’re out facing the dangers of the real world.

Watch this short (under 3 min) video to see how a dog can and should be trained to be safe around city streets and other potential hazards.

Over 1.2 million dogs are hit by cars every year in the US.
Here’s how to make sure your dog doesn’t become a statistic.

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Beverly Ulbrich

The Pooch Coach, SF Bay Area Dog Training and Behavior Modification
Any Dog. Any Problem.

Beverly provides private and personalized empathic dog training and behavior problem solving. In addition to her private behavior training practice where she’s worked with over 3,000 dogs, Beverly also formally evaluates and temperament tests dogs for shelters and rescue groups as well as for dog-bite cases and hearings.

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