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Have you been to an SFDC Meetup yet? People are really enjoying this easy and fun way to learn and practice training tips, meet other dog owners, and have a great time playing with their dogs. Our next Meetup with FREE* training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Saturday, Aug 15th @ 12 noon at Christopher Playground in SF.  

The theme for August’s Meetup is Holistic Health!

The Pooch Coach will discuss how she employs a holistic approach to dog training, including discussing diet and exercise along with obedience and rehabilitation.  She will also introduce you to a new type of dog food that, along with some natural supplements, has helped her dog regain her health. (We’re bringing free samples of the frozen cooked meals for Meetup attendees!).  Please read my story below that explains how I saved my dog’s life through healthier food & holistic medicine with the help of our special guest for this Meetup:

Dr. Araba from Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary House Calls
Dr. Araba focuses on the best of both Eastern and Western medicine. Her commitment to gentle and compassionate care for her patients sets her apart. Witnessing her patients thrive through holistic therapies is her passion.

Dr. Araba has worked in the veterinary world for over 25 years- from participating in an early animal care/veterinary care program at the Philadelphia Zoo while in junior high school, to managing stock and keeping the kennel at a Philadelphia area general practice before starting her training as a veterinary assistant in the same practice. Moving to California for college, Dr. Araba continued her pursuits in veterinary medicine working as a veterinary technician, then lead veterinary technician at Linda Mar Veterinary Hospital in Pacifica. She now runs her own house call practice. 


Dr Araba will discuss using a holistic approach to your dog’s care and what supplements, acupuncture, laser treatments and good food can do for dogs of all ages and conditions. Learn how Eastern medicine can be combined with Western medicine with awesome results for ultimate pet care.


All SF Dog Connector’s will get a Free goodie bag from Pawtrero Pet Supplies, who carry Frenchie’s Kitchen and other nutritional, healthy food & snacks for your pup.


Teresa from Pet Poses Photographywill also be on hand to capture the day for us! Everyone will get free low res images from the event.

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The Pooch Coach’s Holistic Story.  

My dog Kompis became gravely ill last November.  She had refused to eat for days and was becoming completely lethargic, and I was worried I was going to lose her.  I went to SFVS many times and they took blood, did ultrasounds and x-rays and, after $3,000, still provided no diagnoses.   We finally put her on steroids, which we hoped would reduce any swelling and help her appetite.   That worked, and she went on and off steroids for the next few weeks as I tried to keep her alive.


She had been on a diet of hepatic prescription kibble (Royal Canin) for her supposed liver issues up to now, and I was ready to take her off.  It provided only soy protein and whenever I did give Kompis a little meat during the year, she seemed to come alive a bit.   I decided to get her on healthy food and off of the kibble.  After speaking with Suzy at Pawtrero Pet Supplies, I decided to try a couple of cooked frozen foods with which she had success with her dog.


I also found a couple holistic house call vets and had them take a look at Kompis.  One tried acupuncture. Kompis hated it. (She cried and climbed onto me).   I finally found Dr. Araba, and she helped get her safely off the steroids and helped me find supplements to add to her diet for her digestion and for added nutrition, since she also suggested I begin cooking for her.


I had already been using several natural supplements from my cousin, who’s a holistic vet in Oregon.  I had her on Livaplex, SLF Forte, Juniper, Metamucil and probiotics.  The vets at SFVS were stunned when they saw Kompis’ liver numbers this round, since they were completely normal, rather than 10X the range they should be.   So, I knew the supplements were working, and she remains on a lower dose of those now as well.


With Dr. Araba’s guidance, I chose Frenchie’s Kitchen for her diet, along with cooking organic ground beef, ground turkey or chicken breast.  I also cook carrots or broccoli.  She’s now on about 1/2 – 2/3 Frenchie’s and the rest home cooked food.  I add natural supplements at 2 of her meals and give her 2-3 more small snacks/meals throughout the day.  I find she needs to eat lots of small meals to help with her digestion and so she’s not too hungry when she wakes up.  This makes sense, since it’s exactly what is recommended for people’s health as well.


She’s been almost 100% healthy since!   And, if she does get a little ill, she’s able to bounce back within a day rather than end up in the ER like she used to.  And, most importantly, at 11 years old, she is more energetic and happy than she’s been in the last 8 years!   She wants to play and walk more than ever and is slim and fit.  I couldn’t be more pleased.


So I urge everyone reading this to really look at what you’re feeding your dogs.  Is it processed fillers, or healthy fresh food?  Would you want to survive on only processed food?  How can that be healthy for your dog if it’s not healthy for people?   I hope you join us at our Meetup this month so you can get a free sample of Frenchie’s to try for your dog and hear what types of supplements & treatments are available for your dog from Dr. Araba.


I’d love to see people get their dog off any of the “prescription diets” with their low end filler ingredients, and maybe even stop taking some medications that can have harmful side effects, and try to make your dog healthier through healthy food and nutrients instead.


Hope to see you at our August Meetup!

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