BED MOUSE GAMEbed mouse game for dogs


Here’s a game that almost all dogs (and cats) can play…  Bed mouse!


Just put your hand under a blanket on your bed or a towel on the floor and move it around and make it look like a mouse running in weird patterns.


Tell your dog “get the bed mouse!” and urge him to “attack” the moving object.  You can be sneaky and flatten your hand and then have it pop up unexpectedly.


You can also use 2 hands and really keep him guessing!  I like to grab at my dog’s back feet for added fun.


It’s a great way to blow off some steam.


It also teaches dogs (puppies) to bite lightly.  If they bite too hard, say “ouch!” in high pitched voice and stop play.  They will learn to soften their bite to keep the game going.


Below is a video that demonstrates the game.

Happy hunting!

Watch this video to get step by step instructions and see how it’s played