5 Incredible Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Musik loves coconut oil!

Coconut oil is a naturally occurring super-food that remedies various health issues in humans and pets. The medicinal properties of coconut oil include antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. You must have noticed that most home remedies for skin, hair, digestion, and dental problems include coconut oil.


Although coconut oil is not an essential oil, these amazing benefits of coconut oil for dogs will convince you to use it not just for yourself but for dog problems too. Here are the surprising benefits of energy-and-health boosting food, coconut oil, for dogs:


1. Healthy and Shiny Coat:

Who wouldn’t get attracted to a dog with a shiny and healthy coat? Coconut oil protects the dog against skin problems such as allergies, ticks, fleas, eczema, candida, and dermatitis. It helps in maintenance of dry skin by keeping it healthy and itch-free. Moreover, you can keep it in your first aid box due to its ability to quickly heal wounds, cuts, bites, and hotspots.


2. Physical Health:

Coconut oil boosts the metabolic process of body and reduces amyloid in blood. A reduced amyloid protein in blood prevents the pooch from getting Alzheimer’s, type II diabetes, and dementia. Coconut oil also reduces the threat of buildup of cancerous cells in the body.


Arthritis is a common problem in aging dogs, coconut oil extends the time of onset of joint pain. It is beneficial for bone health and eases the quick recovery of ligaments.


benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Coconut oil helps keep your dog limber!


3. Abdominal Health:

Coconut oil increases the rate of metabolic processes, which help in the maintenance of a healthy weight. It eases the absorption of nutrients and helps with digestive problems. It effectively combats endoparasites that are habituating stomach.


4. Immune System Strength:

Coconut oil has similar compounds as does a mother’s milk contain. It strengthens the immune system of the body and, therefore, it’s an essential ingredient of commercially prepared infant’s milk.


Moreover, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of coconut help provide great resistance against diseases.


5. Auditory, Optical, and Dental Health:

Coconut oil is an effective cure for infections of ear and eye in dogs. Simply, use some melted coconut oil on the affected area in droplet form. The oil is used as a topical treatment for infections.


Bad breath is a huge problem; coconut oil is an amazing home remedy for it. However, you should not neglect the importance of edible dental chews and toothpaste for teeth cleaning.  [Editor’s note: Learn more about dog dental health in this Pooch Coach blog post.]


benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Coconut oil is good for teeth too!


What if my dog eats excessive coconut oil?

Coconut oil is the safest medicine that wouldn’t hurt your pooch much. Following the ingestion of huge amount of coconut oil, the dog will only suffer from minor issues such as upset stomach and vomiting.


Moreover, it is the safest oil because it doesn’t get poisonous after getting overheated. It can be saved for up to two years as it doesn’t turn rancid due to its low oxidation rate.


Final Verdict:

Save on the frequent visits to the vet by investing in this panacea for dog and human problems. This superfood ‘coconut oil’ will decrease your expenses on fleas, allergies, ticks, anxiety issues, arthritis, digestive issues, diabetes, etc.   There are too many benefits of coconut oil for dogs to ignore it!


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