The Pooch Coach Bio

About Beverly Ulbrich, “The Pooch Coach”

The Pooch Coach Bio is extensive, as she has been helping the SF Bay Area with their dog training needs for over 20 years. Seen regularly on TV, including NBC, CBS, ABC, KRON4, Animal Planet, “Evening Magazine” with Mike Rowe, and “MythBusters”, as well as working in movies and on stage, Beverly Ulbrich is the President and Founder of The Pooch Coach.


An expert canine trainer and behaviorist, she has been working with dogs all her life and is the sole behaviorist for many nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area. She helps people with their dog training needs through her private, one-on-one, personalized training programs. She has extensive knowledge and success with solving aggression issues and helping shy, fearful dogs. She was voted the “best private dog trainer” in the entire SF Bay Area in 4 separate polls – the SF Chronicle’s Best of the Bay and in The Bay Woof’s “Beast of the Bay” awards.

Beverly has been a full time dog trainer and dog behaviorist and a fully accredited member of the APDT and IACP for over 20 years. She quit her job as an executive in high technology so that she could help animals, which is her real passion. She helps her clients with obedience training and rehabilitates their dogs with mild to severe behavior problems. She has also volunteered as the sole behaviorist for several non profits in San Francisco: PAWS ( , VET SOS (, Share-A-Pet (, and Rocket Dog Rescue (, where she was also Secretary of the Board.

The Pooch Coach Bio

She has helped PAWS clients from being evicted from their homes by fixing such issues as incessant barking, housebreaking, and aggression. She also gives quarterly training to PAWS volunteers on safe dog handling and works with them on any issues they are having walking clients’ dogs. In 2009, she was honored with their “Heart & Soul” volunteer award.

Beverly was chosen by Best Friends Animal Society to be their official Dog Trainer for their 2013 and 2014 SF Bay Area “Strut Your Mutt” events. She’s pictured here with Jane Wiedlin from the Gogo’s, who emceed the 2013 event.

Through VETSOS, Beverly has helped homeless people better control their dogs so that their only family member is not taken away from them. She also oversees the pet sitting area during Project Homeless Connect ( to ensure the dogs are being handled and treated properly. She also introduces basic training to the dogs by instructing the volunteers.

She was on the Board of Directors for Share-A-Pet nationally, and was their local dog tester and behaviorist in the San Francisco area. She also oversaw their marketing and restructured their testing program. All her work for them was solely on a volunteer basis.

She has volunteered her services to Rocket Dog Rescue, Home at Last Rescue, Pets Unlimited, The Milo Foundation and several other rescue groups as well. In doing so, she has helped dozens of shelter dogs to improve their behavior and get adopted rather than be put to sleep or sent to a sanctuary. She also works tirelessly at non profit events to raise awareness and money for these and other agencies in the area and in the US. She has donated over 50 free behavioral sessions as prizes to local charities for their silent auction prizes. She invites shelters and rescue groups on to her TV programs to give them additional exposure and help get more animals adopted.

Beverly has given dozens of lectures and workshops on dog training and safety. Most of these lectures were also raising money for non-profits, such as the San Francisco Dog Owner’s Group ( and the Friends of San Francisco Animal Care and Control ( She has never accepted payment for any of her lectures. She also did a series of dog training and safety classes for the city of San Mateo. Beverly completed her first of a series of training videos, and it has had sales in 39 states, the U.K. and Canada. She also offers free dog training tips on her Youtube channel (

Beverly regularly writes articles (Bay Woof:, (Fetch the Paper: and appears on TV (, to further spread the word about positively and continually training dogs.

The Pooch Coach is also certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Test evaluator, and runs private tests as well as group tests for organizations at fund raisers and dog festivals for education and outreach.


In 2014, Beverly was asked to be the official trainer for the US Postal service in San Francisco and gave several lectures on dog safety for the workers.

dog trainer for the us postal service

Lastly, due to her vast experience and knowledge, she is often called upon as an expert witness in dog bite trials and hearings. She performs temperament evaluations, writes reports, and appears at the trial when requested to help dog owners who are being sued by ignorant people who are fearful or particular breeds or just looking to make a quick buck. Or, in a few cases, she has also testified that a dog is somewhat dangerous and needs additional training and/or monitoring to be safe. She does all she can to educate everyone involved on dog aggression and its causes and solutions. Here is a video testimonial of the Judge of SF’s Vicious and Dangerous Dog Court speaking about how much Beverly has helped the court and dog owners over the years.

As you can see, Beverly spends at least as much time volunteering her services as performing her day to day work as a private dog and puppy trainer and behaviorist. Through her private practice, she has trained over 2,500 dogs. She receives hundreds of emails from around the world asking for advice, to which she replies personally to each request – either with a direct answer or with advice to seek out a behaviorist in their area with links and other information to help them in their search. She uses positive techniques and promotes exercise, healthy eating and consistent, on-going training as part of her program.

Personally, Beverly was born and raised in New Jersey, but has lived in the Bay Area since 1989. She has an undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and a Masters Degree from Santa Clara University. She was a VP of Business Development and Marketing for several high tech companies before starting her own consulting company. She then continued her on-going studies in dog training and behavior working with experts from around the world (e.g. Cesar Milan, Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson) as well as continuing to take courses and seminars from many different organizations to round out her knowledge and keep up with current findings, and constantly add the The Pooch Coach bio.

Beverly currently lives in San Francisco with her dog sidekick, Musik.  She can always be seen with Musik, who is also her trained service animal. She is an admitted Schnauzer-addict and has to have her dog with her to keep her sane(r) as well. Musik has traveled with Beverly, and is a seasoned actor and model at just 2 years old.  She’s been in over a dozen ads and 6 films (including “The Last Black Man in San Francisco“)


Beverly’s life ambition is to make the world a safer place for animals. She particularly wants to stop abusive and unhealthy treatment of Farm Animals.  And she’s grateful she gets to help so many SF Bay Area dogs live happier and safer lives.







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