Durant joined The Pooch Coach pack.  We’re working on his social skills with some other dogs.  In the meantime, he has to brush up on some basics.  We discussed how he tends to jump up to take treats from people’s hands – even after he sits politely first.


All dogs need to be able to calmly take treats from people.  They shouldn’t bite fingers, put their mouth over your hand, or jump up to grab it.


Here’s what I tell my clients to work on:


– When taking a treat, do not let him take it roughly with his whole mouth or bite down on your hand in any way.


– Also, do not allow jumping up to get the treat out of your hand.


– Instead, hold the treat and, if he tries to be rough or jump up to grab it, say “no” and pull the treat away.


– Bring it back to his mouth and say “gentle” and hold it tight until he sits nicely with all 4 paws on the floor & just uses his lips to take the treat gently out of your hand.


– Keep repeating this until your dog does it right.


– Do this every time you’re treating or rewarding.


If you’re consistent, you’ll have your dog calmly taking treats in no time!


The bottom line is to never allow rough “grabs” of food. Your dog should only take food when it’s offered.  You don’t want your dog stealing an ice cream cone or other food from a toddler’s hands, or accidentally nipping a friend or pet store employee!


By the end of the lesson, Durant was pooped – and he was taking treats very calmly without jumping up!

dogs Calmly taking treats.

A pooped pup