Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

can dogs eat bananas?


10 Toxic Foods, 23 Safe Ones & A Few in the Middle


This is not a complete list of what is safe for your dog to eat. Compared to humans, dogs have a lot less to choose from. The one thing that you need to remember is that the body chemistry of dogs is much different from humans. There are stuff that these creatures can take but you can’t. Conversely, some foods that they can eat might send you to the hospital.


The rule of thumb is that if you want to feed your four legged friend something but are not sure if it is good for him or not then DO NOT. It’s as simple as that.


The fruit in question in the title of this article is bananas. The answer to that is yes, bananas are good for dogs. As long as you keep the amount in control your friend will be fine. This fruit has a lot of things going on for it that your friend can benefit from. Dogs need their dose of vitamins as well and they can get good amounts of potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B into their bodies. They will make their bodies stronger that what it is.


The fruit offers good content of fiber for your best friend dog. Since these animals are voracious eaters, this is one benefit they may need to keep them healthy. There are more food and food groups in the infographic below that can benefit your furry friend and make him healthier.


The following infographic lists down several foods that your pal can eat and how much of it is considered healthy. Read closely and consider this as your guide to your dog’s nutrition!


Can Dogs Eat Bananas? 10 Toxic Foods, 23 Safe Ones & A Few in the Middle

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