can you touch your dog


Can you – and everyone else – touch your dog everywhere? Is your dog OK with having his paws touched? His ears? Tail? How about opening his mouth? Although none of these things are natural for him (they don’t happen in nature), we need our dogs to be OK with being touched everywhere.


It’s imperative for your dog’s safety that you can easily remove a foxtail or burr from anywhere on their body, or inspect a potentially injured area without fear of being bitten.


Our dogs should trust us and others (e.g. vets and other professionals) to groom them and touch them. Just as your child should not lash out or pull away if you are trying to help them, neither should your dog.


Or, what if your dog gets loose?  He won’t allow anyone to catch him, so he’ll keeping running and running.  The odds of him being returned safely to you are slim.


This is why the American Kennel Club‘s Canine Good Citizen test evaluates these things and more. It is considered the minimum standard for having a safe, happy pet. You can read more about their test here:


If your dog has trouble allowing you or others to safely interact with him in some situations, please work to get him comfortable with it – for his well being and yours!


Does your dog not like new people (“strangers”) to pet him?


Here’s a quick video to help train a slightly shy dog to like being petted by new people


Here’s a video in which The Pooch Coach gets a dog who wouldn’t allow a stranger to touch her to be OK with being petted after just 4 short interactions at a Meetup.


Need help? The Pooch Coach is just a phone call away!



Dogs DO like massage, but they need human hands!