Dogs Hide Their Pain

Dogs Hide Their Pain

Dogs Hide Their Pain | Always remember that your dog will try to fake you out and seem to be healthier and in less pain than they actually are.

Surviving a Dog Attack

Surviving a Dog Attack

SURVIVING A DOG ATTACK and its emotional and physical aftermath.And… What is the responsibility of Dog Rescue organizations and new dog adopters?


dog dentistry
DOG DENTISTRY   Due to another recent experience with vet hospitals and, in particular, dog dentistry, I decided to write some tips to help others.   Musik checking in for surgery. My main lesson is to make sure you can trust your vet.  If your gut is

Medicating Dogs

Medicating dogs. Formosan Mountain Dog

MEDICATING DOGS Amelia looks to be another Formosan Mountain Dog.  As is typical with the breed, she is a mix of anxious, shy and aggressive. She was recently rescued at 3 years old from a home where she had been on Prozac, but continued getting more aggressive,


dog DNA tests

DOG DNA TESTS How accurate are dog DNA tests?  We tested them ourselves.   Earlier this year, I saw this report on TV.  A mixed breed dog’s DNA was sent to the 3 major companies, and they all came back with very different results (see pic). So