Giving your dog some space

Giving your dog some space

GIVING YOUR DOG SOME SPACE Does your dog have a favorite place to go when he needs to just chill out?   If so, that’s great. Make sure it’s always comfortable and safe for him.   If not, create a place for him. All creatures need to

How to Feed Your Dog

how much to feed your dog

HOW TO FEED YOUR DOG Kompis is actually at her perfect weight, but about 1/2 the dogs I work with could lose a couple pounds.   Here’s my advice on How to Feed Your Dog:   FIRST – Most importantly: Feed them healthy food! Click here to learn

Can dogs eat crab?

Can dogs eat crab

CAN DOGS EAT CRAB? But, seriously… No Dungeness crab??   Here’s an article about it not being safe to eat Dungeness Crab in CA now:   And, yes, crab IS safe for dogs in small amounts. It has great nutrients, but is a bit higher in sodium

Wags ‘n Wellness Dog Massage… and More!

wags and wellness the pooch coach

WAGS ‘N WELLNESS DOG MASSAGE… AND MORE! Introducing another great dog advocate.  Kompis & I were excited to try out her services! Heather Sanders, previous owner of “Wags ‘n Wellness”, is a canine holistic health specialist. She combines a warm, caring demeanor with a strong scientific background and

The Truth About Dog Breeding

BerneDoodle breed dog

THE TRUTH ABOUT DOG BREEDING Here is an article that was just published on for which The Pooch Coach was a contributor.   Purebred dogs used to be a status symbol but dog breeding has certainly evolved. We uncover the truth behind modern day breeding.  

Different Dog Treats

Different Dog Treats

DIFFERENT DOG TREATS     There are some things dogs love to eat, and some things they are “on the fence” about.   I like grading each dog’s treats, so you know what level of motivation each provides. Here’s an example: Piece of kibble – 25 cents

Healing from Injuries

dog fear

HEALING FROM INJURIES Ghost is a 2 year old Siberian Husky who was just rescued from The Bay Area Siberian Husky Rescue Referral. She was wandering the streets and got hit by a car. (Seems to be a theme this week… See yesterday’s post on how to

Dog Car Sickness

Dog Car Sickness

DOG CAR SICKNESS   I get asked about dog car sickness. A lot.   Here’s what I have to say…   Usually, puppies grow out of car sickness once they get used to the weird motion. But, they often need to be trained as well, since just