Black Dogs and Adoption Rates


BLACK DOGS AND ADOPTION RATES Have you heard that black dogs don’t get adopted as much as other colors?   I had heard that too.  It’s referred to as black dog syndrome.  But it turns out what we thought about black dogs and adoption rates is a myth!


bed mouse game for dogs

BED MOUSE GAME   Here’s a game that almost all dogs (and cats) can play…  Bed mouse!   Just put your hand under a blanket on your bed or a towel on the floor and move it around and make it look like a mouse running in

Strongest Dog Breeds


STRONGEST DOG BREEDS   OK, maybe Kompis couldn’t actually open that door.  But many dogs could!   Do you know what the strongest breeds are?  We did some research and this is what we came up with.  There are some breeds in there you’ve probably never heard

You can teach an old dog new tricks

The Pooch Coach on MythBusters

YOU CAN TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS Snoopy is a 5 year newly adopted foxhound terrier/beagle mix. As with most rescued dogs, he comes knowing no commands. But, the good news is, all dogs can learn – at any age!   Check out The Pooch Coach

Human Leash Pulling

Free dog training tips from SF Dog Trainer

HUMAN LEASH PULLING Roscoe is a rare Pit-Lap-Dog.  What a lover, huh? One of the things we covered in this lesson was one of the most common issues & mistakes I deal with: leash pulling.  But not about the dog pulling – about the human pulling!   I

Getting a New Dog

Getting a new dog

GETTING A NEW DOG Picking out a dog is not like choosing furniture. You can’t go on looks alone. And you don’t really want to just take a chance with something you find on the street.   You need to make sure a dog’s personality & energy matches yours. You

Dogs & Blue Angels (loud noises)

DOGS & BLUE ANGELS (LOUD NOISES) Dogs & Blue Angels (loud noises)   Are you worried that your dog will be afraid of the Blue Angels flying overhead the next 3 days? Here are some tips for dealing with their booming sound – or any other “scary”