September & October 2018 News & Tips

 September & October News  Hello!  Welcome to our September/October Newsletter. We hope you enjoy it.   SFDC Meetups are fun! Come out and practice your dog handling & communication skills and meet other past & present members of the Pooch Coach Pack. Our next Meetup with FREE training tips, behavior help,

July & August 2018 News & Tips

July & August 2018 News & Tips | Things to Fear! The Pooch Coach has blogged about 3 things you should be prepared for to help keep your dog safe and happy this time of year: Fireworks, Foxtails & Skunks!

May – June 2018 News & Tips

2nd dog syndrome

May – June 2018 News & Tips | When (not) to get a 2nd dog. Whether you’re considering getting a 2nd dog, or you already have one, this article will give you some great advice on the do’s and don’t’s. 

March-April 2018 News & Tips

March-April 2018 News & Tips | Tips for helping your sick or recovering pet. Leaving your dog at the vet’s is always sad & stressful.  But you need to be calm & happy to make sure your dog doesn’t get stressed.

January 2018 News & Tips

Simple New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Dog

Simple New Years Resolutions for You & Your Pup.
To kick off 2018, The Pooch Coach is offering you some great tips for things to do to make both you and your pup happier and healthier this year.

December 2017 News & Tips

holiday tips for dogs

December 2017 News & Tips | Holidays are great, but sometimes they can be stressful for people. And, of course, that stress can be passed on to our pets. We can also get distracted with everything that is going on, and neglect our pups a bit.