How Dogs Take Treats

I Can Take a Treat From a Stranger! How to help shy and fearful dogs learn to love new people… And why some dogs can’t take treats when they’re distracted or upset. Charlotte has fear of new dogs and new people. She even barked at The Pooch Coach and ran away when they first met. But, fairly quickly, Charlotte was willing to sit for a cookie for The Pooch Coach. They soon became fast friends.

October Dog Meetups

presidio october dog meetup

October Dog Meetups   Lots going on this event season!  Hope to see you at these events.  The Pooch Coach will be on hand to answer questions and teach some new  tricks. Sunday, October 2, 2022   Eventbrite:   Thursday October 6,

Is it ok if I follow you around?

can i follow you

IS IT OK IF I FOLLOW YOU AROUND? A common issue with newly adopted dogs is that their insecurity and unsureness about their new role cause them to create a “job” of following their new parent(s) around the house. It is OK for a puppy or new dog to check in with you and follow you a bit at first but, once it becomes obsessive, you need to train them to stop.


dog first aid kit

HOW TO MAKE A DOG FIRST AID KIT As pet owners, it’s a wise decision to take time and effort to craft a well rounded first aid kit for our dogs. After all, we all know the various ways that dogs help us heal, so we must