Dog Leash Aggression – Dolly

dog leash aggression

DOG LEASH AGGRESSION   Dolly is a 2 yr old miniature schnauzer. She has rare coloring for the breed. They traditionally are salt and pepper (like Kompis),or all black and more recently, black & silver. But she actually has some brown on her, which makes her unique!

Human Leash Pulling

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HUMAN LEASH PULLING Roscoe is a rare Pit-Lap-Dog.  What a lover, huh? One of the things we covered in this lesson was one of the most common issues & mistakes I deal with: leash pulling.  But not about the dog pulling – about the human pulling!   I

Getting a New Dog

Getting a new dog

GETTING A NEW DOG Picking out a dog is not like choosing furniture. You can’t go on looks alone. And you don’t really want to just take a chance with something you find on the street.   You need to make sure a dog’s personality & energy matches yours. You

Coming when called

dog coming when called

COMING WHEN CALLED   Lucy is a 3-year-old Chihuahua who was adopted 2 years ago.  Her dads won The Pooch Coach free training session silent auction prize at PAWS’ wonderful Petchitecture  event earlier this year.   They chose to focus on brushing up on her recall, since she sometimes doesn’t

Dogs can jump!

Dogs can jump - How to stop them!

DOGS CAN JUMP! Lucy makes her mom laugh.  But she also frustrates her at times because she jumps up on everyone to say hello. She muddies people at the dog park and even scares some people who are not so dog friendly.   I always say that having

Levels of Dog Training

levels of dog training

LEVELS OF DOG TRAINING   Malakai is starting to catch on to basic commands, and now his mom needs to take him outside to get to the next level.   So, also following up from yesterday’s post… How do we get our dogs to listen to us all

Door stay

door stay - training a dog not to run out the door

DOOR STAY     One assignment I like to give my clients is the “door stay” for safety as well as more patience building.   This is an especially good command to teach before Halloween trick or treaters, movers or delivery people show up and you’re opening

Halloween Dogs & Doorbell Tips

Halloween dogs & doorbells tips

HALLOWEEN DOGS & DOORBELLS TIPS Are you ready for Halloween?   Here are the doorbell reaction tips I promised in our first Halloween tips post. Does your dog go crazy at the sound of the doorbell? If you’re worried about your dog barking too much at the trick-or-treaters,