Dog Fear of Objects

Dog Fear of Objects

DOG FEAR OF OBJECTS Today we discussed Brody’s fear of the vacuum.   A dog’s fear is usually learned at a young age. And, luckily, it’s fairly easy to overcome with a bit of effort. First, you need to understand that it’s very distance-based. So, starting from a

City Dog or Country Dog?

City Dog or Country Dog?

CITY DOG OR COUNTRY DOG? Many people tell me how much better behaved and relaxed their dogs are when they are in nature. They can walk off leash in a heel and just happily trot along in the woods… But once back in the city, they are

Get in your crate

Dog gets in her crate

GET IN YOUR CRATE Boogie is an escape artist. He has separation anxiety and has gotten out of his crate several times in his panicked state. He needs help learning to be left alone and so the typical separation anxiety training will ensue.   I also like

Polite Dog Greeting

Polite dog greeting steps

POLITE DOG GREETING Time for Hachi to meet one of the packs I work with and see how he does meeting several dogs face to face.   When we started training, he was whiney and jumpy and crazy on the leash when he saw other dogs. His

Fear Based Aggression and Shyness Tips

Dog Fear and Shyness

FEAR BASED AGGRESSION AND SHYNESS TIPS   Jon Snow is a Formosan Mountain Dog. I’ve been seeing a good deal of this breed lately. (Many of them have come from Taiwan.) The #1 issue has been fear and fear based aggression.   Jon Snow is no different.

Teach Your Dog to Drop It

TEACH YOUR DOG TO DROP IT   Tupac is back! He’s the largest pit I’m working with these days.   Today’s focus was on “drop it”, since he likes to steal other dog’s toys and balls. He first has to learn to give up simple things in

Kiss Command

dog tricks

KISS COMMAND One of people’s favorite tricks they want their dogs to learn is to give a kiss on command.   Here are 2 ways to train them to be able to do this:   1. Simply say “good dog! Give me a kiss” every time he

Different Dog Treats

Different Dog Treats

DIFFERENT DOG TREATS     There are some things dogs love to eat, and some things they are “on the fence” about.   I like grading each dog’s treats, so you know what level of motivation each provides. Here’s an example: Piece of kibble – 25 cents