Fear Based Aggression and Shyness Tips

Dog Fear and Shyness

FEAR BASED AGGRESSION AND SHYNESS TIPS   Jon Snow is a Formosan Mountain Dog. I’ve been seeing a good deal of this breed lately. (Many of them have come from Taiwan.) The #1 issue has been fear and fear based aggression.   Jon Snow is no different.

Teach Your Dog to Drop It

TEACH YOUR DOG TO DROP IT   Tupac is back! He’s the largest pit I’m working with these days.   Today’s focus was on “drop it”, since he likes to steal other dog’s toys and balls. He first has to learn to give up simple things in

Kiss Command

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KISS COMMAND One of people’s favorite tricks they want their dogs to learn is to give a kiss on command.   Here are 2 ways to train them to be able to do this:   1. Simply say “good dog! Give me a kiss” every time he

Different Dog Treats

Different Dog Treats

DIFFERENT DOG TREATS     There are some things dogs love to eat, and some things they are “on the fence” about.   I like grading each dog’s treats, so you know what level of motivation each provides. Here’s an example: Piece of kibble – 25 cents

Leash Aggression Tips

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LEASH AGGRESSION TIPS Kalua the Australian Shepherd has some issues when he sees other dogs when he’s on leash.   There are many reasons why dogs get along well with other dogs off leash, but have issues if they are being restrained. Learn about some of the

Tips from the Pooch Coach

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 TIPS FROM THE POOCH COACH   I don’t think that bird’s going to help you, Kompis! Here are some tips that are better than Flamingo Whispering.    

Methodology from the Pooch Coach

dog obedience training san francisco

METHODOLOGY FROM THE POOCH COACH Juno is still a puppy and is recovering from major front paw surgery. It’s hard to keep her occupied and off her feet!   The importance of training really comes into play when your dog is recovering. Being able to make sure

Dog Aggression Tips


DOG AGGRESSION TIPS Louise came to The Pooch Coach because her mother was told by Louise’s veterinarian that she could not have her back in the office to get spayed until she got some training to get over her excessive dog aggression.   Watch this video to