Levels of Dog Training

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LEVELS OF DOG TRAINING How smart is your dog? All dogs are capable of learning basic commands and even some tricks. Some dogs/breeds excel more at certain tasks, such as fetching, jumping, digging, scent work or herding.   Find out what level your dog has reached in his

The Command Sit

basic dog obedience

THE COMMAND SIT   Now THAT’S a good dog!   Chillin’ in the Mission…   Here’s how to teach your dog or puppy to sit.

“Sit” Training Video

“SIT” TRAINING VIDEO   Here is The Pooch Coach’s latest FREE training tips video!   A friend needed help with her new puppy, so I did an impromptu “sit” session. This is a quick, easy way to teach your dog to sit on command… even in a

The Down Command

dog obedience

THE DOWN COMMAND   Scruffy little Jenny came by for more puppy lessons. She has a perfect sit now! So, one of the things she’s learning today is “down”. Many dogs only learn this command with a hand motion, which means they don’t really know the word.

The Come Command

THE COME COMMAND       Does your dog always come when called?   Does your dog sometimes “go deaf” outdoors when something more interesting than you is happening? Jake had that issue before yesterday’s lesson. Look how well he did!   We first used a retractable

How to walk your dog

How to walk your dog

HOW TO WALK YOUR DOG Almost all animals naturally follow a leader   Be a leader!   How to walk your dog is as important as the walk itself.  When walking your dog, make sure he knows you’re in charge of the walk. That will help him