MY PARENTS SAY “WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING”   Dave recently relocated to the SF Bay Area with his adoptive parents. He started to exhibit some leash reactivity towards other dogs.   Being caring and conscientious dog parents, they have tried avoiding other dogs, treating Dave when he


teaching a dog to swim

TEACHING A DOG TO SWIM Can all dogs swim? Some dogs are born to be in the water, and will jump in and swim at their first chance. Other dogs can be taught to swim. Some never learn. If you’re going to be near water, it’s important

Can You Touch Your Dog?

can you touch your dog

CAN YOU TOUCH YOUR DOG?   Can you – and everyone else – touch your dog everywhere? Is your dog OK with having his paws touched? His ears? Tail? How about opening his mouth? Although none of these things are natural for him (they don’t happen in

Puppy Biting & Chewing Tips

Puppy Biting & Chewing Tip

PUPPY BITING & CHEWING TIPS This 14 week old pup loves to play. But sometimes he’s a little rough with his play biting. Here’s some puppy biting & chewing tips I give to my clients to train a dog to stop biting you or objects he shouldn’t


cooking for your dog

COOKING FOR YOUR DOG     Here’s a quick tip on how to cook for your dog… especially if you have trouble getting them to eat veggies.   I simply take the meat I’m cooking and put in a frying pan with coconut oil or olive oil. 

Controlling prey drive in dogs

Prey drive in dogs

CONTROLLING PREY DRIVE IN DOGS Many people believe there is no controlling prey drive in dogs, but that simply isn’t true.  Let us show you a couple of examples.     Does your dog chase birds, dig for gophers, or try to catch the neighborhood cat?  Many

Settle the Dog Down

settle the dog down

SETTLE THE DOG DOWN Here’s a quick tip for training dogs to settle down and lie next to you.   Most dogs are a little anxious at new places, or at least a little curious! One way to settle the dog down is through an exercise of