City Dog or Country Dog?

Kompis enjoying the view from Twin Peaks SF.

Many people tell me how much better behaved and relaxed their dogs are when they are in nature. They can walk off leash in a heel and just happily trot along in the woods… But once back in the city, they are nervous & jumpy. They strain on the leash and tuck their tails and seem to be miserable.


This should not be surprising since being outdoors in nature is natural for them. It makes sense. Cars & buses & sirens & bikes & motorcycles, etc … well, those things are NOT natural!


If a dog wasn’t exposed to all the noises & distractions at an early age, the city can be overwhelming. But, it doesn’t mean they can’t learn to love the streets. Building your dog’s confidence through training and working through his fears one by one will get him adjusted fairly quickly.


Here are some quick tips:
-Keep exposing him to new things and make it fun.
-Don’t feed into his fears and “baby” him.
-Bring his favorite toys and treats outside and play and train there. Show him that the streets are also a place to play and enjoy.


If you keep at it, your dog should come around naturally. If not, just give The Pooch Coach a call and we’ll have your dog happily hitting the pavement in no time!

City Dog or Country Dog?

Kompis was born & raised in San Francisco. She’s a city dog! But she still loves the country.