dog coming when called


Lucy is a 3-year-old Chihuahua who was adopted 2 years ago.  Her dads won The Pooch Coach free training session silent auction prize at PAWS’ wonderful Petchitecture  event earlier this year.


They chose to focus on brushing up on her recall, since she sometimes doesn’t listen when she’s being called to come.


Here are some tips I gave my clients for better recall:


  • Make sure you teach your dog the command “come” in the house and practice it to perfection before expecting him to listen outside.
  • Don’t punish your dog for coming! If your dog comes and gets leashed & taken home from the park, put in his crate, or gets an unwanted bath, he’s going to learn that it stinks to come. Make sure you make all “come” commands happy with positive outcomes for your pup.
  • Always make your dog come all the way to you and sit.  He should be comfortable having his collar grabbed so that anyone can read his ID tag & call you. This can be a life or death issue, as explained in this video from a Meetup earlier this year.  See below.