Cone of Shame

Cone of Shame Rehabbing Your Dog At Home



TIP #7 for Rehabbing Your Dog at Home.


The vet told me Musik Ulbrich would have to constantly wear this “cone of shame” for at least 2 weeks after surgery.


I took it off the second we entered our home, and never put it back on (until I took the pic above).


First, if you are around your dog, you can keep them from licking, etc., so just do your job and give their necks a break! The thought of my dog trying to walk around – in pain and drugged up – and bumping into things on top of it (further hurting herself!) was too unpleasant. She was suffering enough.


If your dog has a bandage, simply purchase bandages that taste bad (yep, they’re available at pet stores and online, and they work!). You can also use other taste deterrents such as Bitter Apple. Note that these only work when moist with the product. But it will help teach then that it tastes bad, so they learn to just leave it alone.


You can also spray the surrounding area of a hot spot or wound. I cover the area with my fingers/hand and spray so it gets wet around the area, but none of the Bitter Apple, etc. gets on the actual wound. Then again, they lick/taste, you say “nope” and then discover it tastes awful (and they should listen to you!).


However, if you DO need to use a cone of shame, here are some suggestions for softer, kinder collars, and tips for getting your dog used to it.