cooking for your dog

Ready to cook! Musik is eagerly awaiting.


Here’s a quick tip on how to cook for your dog… especially if you have trouble getting them to eat veggies.


I simply take the meat I’m cooking and put in a frying pan with coconut oil or olive oil.  I usually choose lean, organic ground turkey.


Then, I put organic baby kale or spinach on top, which I rip up a bit to make even smaller bites.  I also tossed in some finely chopped carrots here (large chunks just go right through dogs, as I’m sure some of you have seen!).


It’s best to preheat the pan a little so the oil doesn’t just get soaked up in the meat.


Once the meat has cooked on one side, you simply flip it, and the now the veggies will cook in the juices of the meat, making them irresistibly tasty. (You can use this trick when making burgers for your family as well!  I sneak kale or spinach into all my meat like this, and everyone loves it – even if they won’t eat the greens by themselves!).


cooking for your dog

Once the meat is cooked, you flip & chop.


I also like to chop up the meat for dogs once the meat is almost cooked on both sides.  This makes it cook a bit faster and more thoroughly, plus makes it easier to serve.


cooking for your dog

Then, add some to your dog’s regular food.


I then add some of the freshly cooked warm meat to her refrigerated food. (Musik & I love Frenchie’s Kitchen – Simple, human grade ingredients. Gently cooked, frozen, and delivered to your door!  Use code FIDO50 to get 50% off your first order).


cooking for your dog

Musik always waits patiently to eat.


If your dog doesn’t know how to stay for meals, here’s how to easily teach them: Train your dog to stay.


cooking for your dog

Musik loves to eat!


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Learn more about healthy food and treats for dogs, as well as  why you need to be careful when cooking for your dog to ensure they get all the nutrients they need.  (I add in vitamins and supplements to Musik’s food as well).  Healthy Dog Food & Treats


Cooking for your dog made simple!  Happy & heathy eating!