Musik LOVES crickets!

Jiminy’s Pet Food & Treats was founded in San Francisco in order to introduce sustainability into the pet food industry. Because cricket protein for dogs is both healthier and more sustainable than other meat-based dog foods. It takes exponentially less land, water, and almost no greenhouse gases to raise the crickets.


What they found is that Crickets also have a fantastic nutrition profile. Pound for pound, more protein than beef, high in fiber and iron, and low in fat. The cricket protein has all of the essential amino acids that you find in other animal proteins. It is also digestible for the pups – and, because the cricket protein also contains fiber, it supports a healthy gut micro-biome. Jiminy’s works with an animal nutritionist (and veterinarian) to design their products.  They take the health of our pets very seriously.


Since then, they’ve learned more about insect protein for dogs with allergies AND they’ve dug even deeper into their sustainability metrics.


Here’s the new information:


1 – There is a new study that came out from Germany that supports using cricket protein for dogs with allergies. Here’s what they say:


“While no food is inherently hypoallergenic or completely allergy-proof, research published in the Journal of Animal Science found no allergic reactions or other adverse effects in adult dogs who were fed cricket meal in a long-term trial.”



2 – Consumer reviews are confirming that their food is a great choice for dogs with allergies and/or digestion problems – here’s a couple of examples (they’ve got tons more):


“After eating this food for about a month, we went and got a full checkup for our dog and she has excellent results. I think this is a great food to keep your dog healthy and sustainably fed. Plus every dog that I have let try it goes nuts for it and the cricket treats!” – K.B.


“My dog had digestive issues and I had been feeding her only chicken and rice for a few years. I transitioned her to Jiminy’s and she has had more energy and her digestive issues are all gone. I highly recommend this and the treats!” – A.B.


“Hello!! Our doggo has a bunch of allergies and finding a single protein with all the necessary nutrients that doesn’t cause itching has been a real challenge. Jiminy’s has been the answer! He can’t wait to eat now, his itching has been greatly reduced and his coat is SO SHINY he’s practically reflective!!! We are so grateful to have found you. Our 11 year old wheaten terrier just got a perfect check up. Thank you for being a part of that!!!!” Sienna P.


“My Zoya is a 7 year old German Shepard and has Perianal Fistula (immune disease). I decided to try this as a novel protein (she also has food allergies)and it is working out beautifully. She loves it and her hair is glossier. I highly recommend this.” Dee Dee H



3 – They have recently worked through their UN Sustainability Development Goal contributions (SDGs) and the impact that they’re achieving is very exciting. They’ve measured 3 key SDGs – land, water, and greenhouse gas.


Water Conserved – In the last year, Jiminy’s has saved over 60 million liters of water. In fact, if you switch a single dog from a chicken based diet to an insect based diet, you save 480,000 gallons of water per year! That’s just one average sized dog!


Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Product Replaced – By replacing chicken-based dog foods with cricket-based alternatives, Jiminy’s has averted 2.4 million grams of greenhouse gases.
Average Supplier Agricultural Yield: Smallholder – An acre of land used to raise soldier fly colonies can produce more than 130,000 pounds of protein per year, according to various peer-reviewed estimates.


Want to know more? Check out Jiminy’s new Insect Protein Education Center.


Want to try some cricket protein for dogs??


Come to our November 14th Meetup at 12:45 – The Pooch Coach will be handing out samples!

Go to Jiminy’s website & use code “PoochCoach” to get 15% off your order!



Anne Carlson, Founder of Jiminy’s, with an eager Musik!