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SFDC Meetups are more popular than ever! People are really enjoying this easy and fun way to learn and practice training tips, meet other dog owners, and have a great time playing with their dogs. Our next Meetup with FREE* training tips, behavior help, treats and socialization practice is:


Sunday, December 13th @ 12 noon.
at Casanova Lounge 527 Valencia St, San Francisco

The themes for December’s Meetup are Avoiding Dog Anxiety & Introducing Petcube!

Win a free Petcube & more in our holiday raffle with over $700 worth of raffle prizes!
Click here to see prizes.

In addition to giving out free training tips and behavioral advice to attendees, The Pooch Coach will discuss the importance of knowing what your dog is doing when you’re not home.

Separation Anxiety is the 2nd most common issue for which people come to her (after Aggression). She’ll give you tips on how to avoid anxiety and ensure your dog is fine when you leave him alone – at home and elsewhere.

And we’re introducing the PetCube doggie cam. Just in time for the holidays!  They make great gifts for the pet lovers in your life.

Yulia Zimmerman from Petcube will be our special guest at this Meetup. She will tell you all about this exciting product that allows you to interact with your dog (or cat) while you’re away.

Petcube Camera lets you watch, hear, talk to, and play with your dog from your phone when away from home. No more sad goodbyes, now your furry friends are only a click away from you and all the ones that love them most.

Petcube camera The Pooch Coach SF Dog Connectors Meetup

Kompis with her Petcube Camera

We’ll have special discount pricing for the camera for attendees, and for every camera sold, $10 will be donated to Doggie Protective Services Rescue.   We will also be raffling off a free Petcube! Every attendee will get a free raffle ticket, and additional raffle tickets will be available for $5 and all proceeds go to DPS Rescue as well.  Click here to see all the great prizes.

Casanova Lounge will be offering a drink special for us as well!  A “Pawloma“.  Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and tequila for only $6!

Our Happy Tails, etc Dog Bakery will be on hand with a special doggie cake and handmade treats.

And all SF Dog Connectors Meetup attendees get free samples of Charlee Bear Dog treats for their pooch!  And we’ll be providing some free snacks for the humans as well.

charlee bear dog treats sf dog connectors meetup

Pipi Ray Diamond of Soulful Pet Photography, will be on hand to take professional photos. Free low res images for attendees!

Here’s a video of people enjoying previous Meetups – hear what they have to say!


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*Meetups are free if you “like” our Facebook page and sign up there or at in advance.
Or, it’s $10 at the venue.


 How to keep your dog safe for the holidays


Some quick tips…

  • Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs. Make sure they are kept in places your dog cannot reach.
  • Do not put lights on the lower branches of your tree. They may get very hot and burn your dog.
  • Watch out for electrical cords. Pets often try to chew them and get badly shocked or electrocuted. Place them out of reach.
  • Avoid glass ornaments, which break easily and may cut a dog’s feet or mouth.
  • Do not use edible ornaments, or cranberry or popcorn strings. Your dog may knock the tree over in an attempt to reach them.
  • Keep other ornaments off the lower branches; if your dog chews or eats an ornament, he can be made sick by the materials or paint.
  • Both live and artificial tree needles are sharp and indigestible. Keep your tree blocked off (with a playpen or other “fence”) or in a room that is not accessible to your dog.
  • Tinsel can be dangerous for dogs. It may obstruct circulation and, if swallowed, block the intestines.
  • Keep burning candles on high tables or mantels, out of the way of your dog’s wagging tail.
  • Review canine holiday gifts for safety. Small plastic toys or bones may pose choking hazards.
  • Your dog may want to investigate wrapped packages; keep them out of reach.

No matter how busy you get, make sure you still make time to exercise your pup. Also, keep in mind training and manners when you have guests.  It’s a great time to practice friendly greetings for delivery people as well as friends and family.  Have your dog sit to get petted for everyone’s safety.


Have a great holiday!!!

  A unique & thoughtful holiday gift…
A Pooch Coach gift certificate!
Special: 50% regular prices.

Each session includes:
– A private one-on-one lesson with The Pooch Coach, expert trainer & behaviorist
(See bio)
-Follow up written instructions and papers for reference
-Free month of follow up questions and guidance on topics covered via email or phone


Dog Training – One 90 minute session…. Choose from:

1. Basic obedience: Perfect sit, basic stay, walking nicely on leash, no jumping on people.
2. Intermediate obedience: Advanced stay, no stealing objects or food, drop any object, down, come when called.
3. Advanced obedience: Tricks, off leash recall, perfect stay, custom training.
4. Dog’s choice: Focus on 3-4 commands or issues

Behavior modification: Package of 3 sessions… Choose from:

1. Aggression: Barking, growling, or lunging at people, other dogs, or objects. (see more)
2. Separation anxiety: Uncomfortable being left alone. Barks, whines or does destructive behavior. (see more)
3. Fear: Timid or scared around people, dogs or new objects. Needs to build confidence. (see more)
4. Dog’s Choice: Have some other behavior issues? Choose this option for more flexibility.

All sessions include:

Make this a happier holiday for everyone!

Contact us with any questions.     415-643-3333


The Pooch Coach News

On Nov 27th, we hit 10,000 Facebook fans!

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We shot a fun old western film in November.
We cast one of regular dog superstars, Mango, for a day of filming “Ghost in the Gun“.  It was tons of fun. Check out some pictures we grabbed here.   Kompis always comes to the set with me to ensure the other dog(s) feel calm and safe.  She is also my understudy in case the other dog doesn’t feel well or isn’t up to the task with the pressure of the shooting schedule.  Not all dogs can be pros!


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