Dedication to ongoing Dog Training


One eyed Rugar came back for another lesson.  He’s doing great!  After a few lessons, he’s calm, confident and well behaved. He’s no longer reactive and protective over his bad eye.


His mom has been doing a great job.  She has a real dedication to dog training.   She even makes sure to walk him so that his good eye is facing out and she’s “protecting” his blind side.  Being aware of our dog’s individual needs is important – and is also why private training works so wonderfully.


Check out the binder Rugar’s mom made for training!  She has all The Pooch Coach instructions, papers and notes in here.

Dog training homework binder

Rugar poses with his training binder


It’s almost impossible to fail with this much dedication!


When my clients lose their homework, I have to wonder how dedicated they are.   I always follow up each session with a detailed email, but the homework sheet is there to keep track of progress and ensure all goals are met before the next lesson.  If that is not being looked over at least a couple times a week, I know that the work isn’t being done.  You can’t blame your dog (or your trainer) if there’s no progress when you aren’t doing the work needed to succeed!!


Just remember to work with your dog a little every day so that he’s always learning and improving. That’s as much of your “job” as feeding, grooming and walking him every day.  And it will make him calmer, happier and healthier in the long run!


Happy training, and good work, Rugar’s mom!

ruger homework binder

The binder cover. What a handsome dog!