Different Dog Treats


There are some things dogs love to eat, and some things they are “on the fence” about.


I like grading each dog’s treats, so you know what level of motivation each provides. Here’s an example:
Piece of kibble – 25 cents
Charlee Bear Dog Treats – $5
Freeze Dried Liver – $50
High end meat treats  – $100


My favorite extra tasty (“$100”) treats are:


Jiminy’s Cricket Treats  Yep, crickets!  This up and coming superfood is sustainable, healthy, and packed with protein.  And, Musik & all the dogs I’ve shared them with LOVE them!  You can try them at 15% off & free shipping off with the code “PoochCoach”.


different dog treats

Jiminy’s Founder with Musik.

 Wiley’s Treats by Ecopawz.  They offer high protein, limited ingredient, human-grade meat treats for dogs.  You can try them at 15% off with the code “PoochCoach”.


DIFFERENT DOG TREATS wiley's treats by ecopawz

Musik likes ALL the varieties of Wiley’s Treats!


You can use different levels of treats for different actions. For instance, a dog should sit for free, so they certainly should sit for 25 cents.


If your dog is afraid of a vacuum, put $50 on it, and he’ll learn to love it.


If your dog is afraid of your large, bearded neighbor, she might not take a $1 treat from him, but I bet (if she’s hungry) she’ll grab $100!


To find out what your dog loves most, give them little tests. I like taking 2 different treats, and putting 1 treat in each hand. Then tell your dog to stay and let him smell both treats a couple times (but don’t let him eat any!!). Then, say “OK” and see what treat he takes first. You can switch hands and try it a few different ways to make sure he’s definitely choosing one first.


Keep doing this with all his treats, and you’ll soon you’ll know which ones he likes, which ones he loves, and which one would make him fall in love with the mailman!


different dog treats

Beverly offers a treat to a shelter dog to help her overcome her fear of humans.