Dog Barking Jumping and Pulling

Nobody’s perfect… Not even your dog.

dog barking jumping and pullingEvery dog, just like every person, has a couple things he or she could improve upon.


Do any of these behaviors sound familiar?

  • pulling or lunging on the leash
  • incessant barking
  • jumping on people to say hello
  • begging for food or attention
  • running out of open doors
  • digging up your garden
  • chewing on your couch


The Pooch Coach dog training is here to help your dog become the best dog he can be!


It’s all just a matter of making sure good training practices are in place and your dog understands he needs to listen to you (often for his own good!). Then we need to teach your dog what you’d like him to do differently.


We’re here to help explain why your dog is engaging in any odd or annoying behaviors and how best to communicate with him to stop barking, pulling, jumping, lunging, begging, digging, chewing or anything else he dreams up!


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If you are having minor problems with your dog barking jumping or pulling check out these videos.

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