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The most common household toxicities that occur in dogs

The most common household toxicities that occur in dogs

The most common household toxicities that occur in dogs

Inevitably at some point your dog is going to get into something or eat something they shouldn’t. You may at first question whether or not they can even eat that and then there is going to be that moment of uncertainty in which you don’t know what you should do. Well, the first thing you should do is call your veterinarian. If your dog ingested something that could be toxic there is some vital information your veterinarian is going to want to know.

December 2017 News & Tips

holiday tips for dogs

December 2017 News & Tips | Holidays are great, but sometimes they can be stressful for people. And, of course, that stress can be passed on to our pets. We can also get distracted with everything that is going on, and neglect our pups a bit.

Look at Me

look at me command

LOOK AT ME   An easy but important command for your dog to understand is “look at me” (or watch me). This helps you ensure you can get your dog’s attention any time you need to.   I usually introduce “look at me” by adding it to

Healthy Dog Food and Treats

Healthy Dog Food and Treats
Healthy Dog Food and Treats I am sold on using only healthy dog food and treats for my dogs. I am done feeding my dogs kibble except as an occasional snack. After having one dog die of liver cancer at 8 years old, and another dog spend her