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Rabies Vaccines

Rabies Vaccines


Many say that we are over vaccinating our dogs. And, since it’s common to have some bad side effects, it can be a dangerous vaccine as well.


One doctor has been doing a study to try to prove that the vaccine can last 5 or even 7 years, rather than the 1-3 years most states require. Read about that study here and, an interview from a few years ago, here.


And here’s the Center for Disease Control’s latest findings…

No one is dying in the US from rabies any more, and it’s no longer found in domesticated pets.


So why are we putting our dogs through this?? I think we should start questioning these random standards and protect our dogs from unnecessary pain & health risks. I’d love to see rabies vaccines be less frequently administered.


What do you think?


Rabies Vaccines

Car Chasing

Car Chasing


Car Chasing


Zoltan is a Great Pyrenees Puppy. He works with his brother on property where she is moving in northern CA to protect the goats, chickens and other animals from coyotes, bears and mountain lions. He’s already doing a great job chasing them off the land.


But… he’s also chasing cars!! So, we worked on exercises to train him to stop that dangerous activity which already caused him a broken jaw.


Rachael also wants him to protect her young daughter from the same predators. So, at The Pooch Coach’s advice, they are going to build their relationship by going for walks and doing training. Zoltran needs to see her daughter as an important part of his life (and not just a play/littermate). She was a little afraid of him since he’s a bit large and playful with her.


The training has been going well and Rachael’s daughter is forming a strong bond with Zoltran. I’m sure he’s going to do a great job protecting her at her new home in the forrest.


Children can learn to give commands to dogs at a very young age. It helps build their confidence in general, and especially with their dog, who can be overwhelming sometimes for a small child.


Teaching your dog to respect children and listen to them is an important aspect of training. So, even if you don’t have your own children, have your dog sit for a treat from kids at parks, visiting you, etc. That way, he’ll learn to love and respect them – and the kids will learn how great it feels to relate to and communicate with an animal.


Read more about kids and dogs.


Dog Friendly Hikes

Dog Friendly Hikes


Dog Friendly Hikes

Hit the road! Dogs love to explore. Why not go for a ride to someplace new today and explore with your buddy?


See where the open road takes you….


Here’s a guide to dog friendly hiking & a list of the top 10 dog hikes in the world:

(I think Kompis has a new bucket list!)



3 weeks until our next SF Dog Connector’s Meetup

3 weeks until our next SF Dog Connector’s Meetup


Free training tips, goodie bags from Pawtrero Hill BathHouse & Feed Co.and special guest Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary House Calls.


This month’s topic is holistic food & medicine. Learn about how Eastern & Western medicine and best practices can be combined to give your dog optimal care & health.


Professional photos by Pet Poses Photography!


Check it out and sign up here.

3 weeks until our next SF Dog Connector's Meetup

Safe Place

Safe Place



Find Your Zen


Does your dog have a favorite place to go when he needs to just chill out?


If so, that’s great. Make sure it’s always comfortable and safe for him. If not, create a place for him.


All creatures need to decompress at times, and want to have a place where they feel safe and at peace. This is especially true if you have a busy household like one with lots of roommates or small children running around


I make lots of suggestions for my clients, like putting a dog bed under an end table, or having a crate in another room. There are many options.


Be creative and help your dog find a place where they can tap into their inner peace!


Safe Place

Fear and Aggression

Fear and Aggression



Fear and AggressionTEENY DOG ALERT! Tasha the long haired Chihuahua puppy is the smallest dog I’ve worked with in a long time. She is just over one pound… (she’s mostly fur). That’s smaller than a guinea pig!


One of my main goals in training small dogs is to teach their parents to treat them like BIG dogs.


No one likes little yappy dogs with ‘small dog syndrome’. The simple way to avoid that is to make sure your dog is confident and comfortable with being a dog. A good rule of thumb is: If you wouldn’t do it with an 80 lb Rottweiler, you probably shouldn’t be doing it with your little pup.


Think how silly it would be to pick up an 80 lb dog every time another dog came to sniff him. Or carry him up & down the steps because he’s too afraid to do it himself. And you certainly wouldn’t carry him in a bag with you when you’re out walking!


Allow your dog to enjoy being a dog no matter what his size. He needs to learn how to walk on a leash and happily greet all types of dogs and people. Otherwise, you will have an undersocialized, scared and eventually aggressive pooch on your hands.


Read more about fear and aggression here.

If you need help making your dog confident, we’re here for you!

Dog Training

Dog Training


Dog training should be practical. Here’s a reason why “stay” is such an important command. Look how my dog just waits patiently while her foot soaks.


People need dog training that helps in real life situations. We help you train and rehabilitate your dog so you can both have easier, safer & happier lives.


Here’s an easy way to teach a basic stay.


Please keep liking and sharing our posts so we can keep helping more dogs & their people every day with our free tips!

Dog Communication

Dog Communication



Dog CommunicationMeet Diego & Charlotte…A wonderful success story.


Diego is 15 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with cancer. Charlotte is newly rescued 5-6 yr old Muttville Senior Dog Rescue dog.


Muttville asked The Pooch Coach to step in because things weren’t working well for Charlotte in her new household. She wasn’t very well-mannered because she had never learned any boundaries or rules.


She was pushing around poor Diego, who was too weak to deal with it. A couple fights had broken out and then Diego became afraid of her and wouldn’t even stay in the same room.


The new parents were worried they would have to give up Charlotte since she was too much to handle, and it wasn’t fair to sweet, frail Diego. Muttville knew a good behaviorist was their only hope.


So The Pooch Coach went down to Half Moon Bay and taught Charlotte to respect Diego and wait for her turn to eat and give him some space. She learned it was NOT OK to snap at him and, if she waited her turn, she got great rewards.


Diego learned to trust The Pooch Coach, and then his parents, to protect him so he could get his fair share of treats, couch space, and lovin’ without fearing an attack from Charlotte.


After just a couple hours working with the dogs and their parents, Charlotte was a new dog. As you can see from the picture, they could comfortably sit next to each other – with a jar of treats just a couple feet away.


A month later, the dogs are still doing wonderfully and the parents have easily been keeping Charlotte in check and ensuring Diego’s safety, happiness and well being.


Don’t you just love a great success story? Dogs learn so easily if we just give them a chance and communicate with them in a way they can understand.


Please don’t give up on your dog! Great trainers like The Pooch Coach are always here to help.