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Think Before Leaving Your Dog

dog obedience training san francisco

THINK BEFORE LEAVING YOUR DOG Many dogs die every year from the heat. The temperature goes up 20 degrees in just a few minutes.   Here is a good quick overview of the situation:   Outside temp….70…..75……80……85……90……95   Time in car:……..Temperature goes to: 10 minutes….89……94……99……104….109…114 30 minutes…104….109….114…..119….124…129

Redwood Haus Inn

dog obedience training san francisco

REDWOOD HAUS INN   We took a little overnight vacay to Stinson Beach for the dogs’ 11th birthday. I’m always looking for dog-friendly places to try.   We found the Redwood Haus Inn. It’s a cute, quirky little B&B. The dogs loved it! They had grounds to

Methodology from the Pooch Coach

dog obedience training san francisco

METHODOLOGY FROM THE POOCH COACH Juno is still a puppy and is recovering from major front paw surgery. It’s hard to keep her occupied and off her feet!   The importance of training really comes into play when your dog is recovering. Being able to make sure

Dog Aggression Tips


DOG AGGRESSION TIPS Louise came to The Pooch Coach because her mother was told by Louise’s veterinarian that she could not have her back in the office to get spayed until she got some training to get over her excessive dog aggression.   Watch this video to

Rabies Vaccines

rabies vaccines

RABIES VACCINES Many say that we are over vaccinating our dogs. And, since it’s common to have some bad side effects, it can be a dangerous vaccine as well.   One doctor has been doing a study to try to prove that the vaccine can last 5

Car Chasing

dog training san francisco

CAR CHASING   Zoltan is a Great Pyrenees Puppy. He works with his brother on property where she is moving in northern CA to protect the goats, chickens and other animals from coyotes, bears and mountain lions. He’s already doing a great job chasing them off the

Dog Friendly Hikes

dog training san francisco

DOG FRIENDLY HIKES Hit the road! Dogs love to explore. Why not go for a ride to someplace new today and explore with your buddy?   See where the open road takes you….   Here’s a guide to dog friendly hiking & a list of the top

3 weeks until our next SF Dog Connector’s Meetup

dog training san francisco

3WEEKS UNTIL OUR NEXT SF DOG CONNECTOR’S MEETUP Free training tips, goodie bags from Pawtrero Hill BathHouse & Feed Co.and special guest Blue Sparrow Holistic Veterinary House Calls.   This month’s topic is holistic food & medicine. Learn about how Eastern & Western medicine and best practices