Dog Car Sickness


I get asked about dog car sickness. A lot.


Here’s what I have to say…


Usually, puppies grow out of car sickness once they get used to the weird motion. But, they often need to be trained as well, since just the thought of going in the car can make them get ill after it’s happened a few times,


Here’s what to do:
Try getting in the car without driving and just give your dog treats. At first she might sit & drool, thinking she’s going to be ill. Eventually, she’ll realize the car isn’t moving and she feels fine. You probably have to do this several times before she’s fine being in the car with it not moving.


Then, just drive a few yards and stop & treat some more. Continue building up her endurance (and her love of rides/treats) until she’s over the mental block.


If this does not work, then your dog truly has dog car sickness (or general motion sickeness) and you can consider over the counter meds for her (e.g Dramamine) for longer trips, but you should talk to your vet first before trying anything.


Dog Car Sickness

Car rides should be fun for everyone!


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