Dog CommunicationMeet Diego & Charlotte…A wonderful success story.


Diego is 15 yrs old and was recently diagnosed with cancer. Charlotte is newly rescued 5-6 yr old Muttville Senior Dog Rescue dog.


Muttville asked The Pooch Coach to step in because things weren’t working well for Charlotte in her new household. She wasn’t very well-mannered because she had never learned any boundaries or rules.


She was pushing around poor Diego, who was too weak to deal with it. A couple fights had broken out and then Diego became afraid of her and wouldn’t even stay in the same room.


The new parents were worried they would have to give up Charlotte since she was too much to handle, and it wasn’t fair to sweet, frail Diego. Muttville knew a good behaviorist was their only hope.


So The Pooch Coach went down to Half Moon Bay and taught Charlotte to respect Diego and wait for her turn to eat and give him some space. She learned it was NOT OK to snap at him and, if she waited her turn, she got great rewards.


Diego learned to trust The Pooch Coach, and then his parents, to protect him so he could get his fair share of treats, couch space, and lovin’ without fearing an attack from Charlotte.


After just a couple hours working with the dogs and their parents, Charlotte was a new dog. As you can see from the picture, they could comfortably sit next to each other – with a jar of treats just a couple feet away.


A month later, the dogs are still doing wonderfully and the parents have easily been keeping Charlotte in check and ensuring Diego’s safety, happiness and well being.


Don’t you just love a great success story? Dogs learn so easily if we just give them a chance and communicate with them in a way they can understand.


Please don’t give up on your dog! Great trainers like The Pooch Coach are always here to help.