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Dog Fear and AggressionDog fear and aggression are often the same thing. They are at most one quick flinch away from each other. When a dog reacts in fight or flight mode, this is literally the nanosecond of time when he’s making a “decision” to react with fear or aggression. It’s all just energy surging through him that needs to get released. We need to help make our dogs confident and relaxed and drain any pent-up anxiety in a healthy manner. Then they can enjoy living up to their full, happy, loving potential.


We can help you with whatever issues you are dealing with…. whether your dog is reactive to other dogs, fearful around new people, lunges at bicycles, or even if he has bitten someone. Just give us a call to set up an evaluation and you’ll be on your way to having a happy, well balanced and stress-free dog and life again.


The Pooch Coach can help you with any type of dog fear or dog aggression, including:


Dog on Dog Aggression

(Learn about dog on dog aggression)


People Aggression 

(Learn about aggression towards people)


Child Aggression 

(Learn about aggression specifically towards children)


Dog Food Aggression -aka Resource Guarding

(Learn about resource guarding)


Dog Leash Aggression or Leash Reactivity

(Learn about dog leash aggression)


Dog Aggression or Fear towards objects – skateboards, vacuums, bikes, etc.

(Learn about object aggression & get simple tips to fix it)


Dog Fear, Anxiety or Shyness

(Learn about fearful dogs)



Dog Fear Aggression“Beverly was our last hope. After trying a couple trainers in SF, we took Herbie to UC Davis, where they told us we should have him euthanized. We were heartbroken. He had tried to bite 3 people and they thought he could not be trusted. But after working with Beverly for 3 months, Herbie has turned around. He loves people now. He just had trust issues from his rough past and he needed to be carefully retrained. He’s a new, confident, happy dog! We could not be more grateful to Beverly for saving Herbie.” -Nate & Sue M, San Francisco

Dog Fear Aggression“Sandy was very reactive to other dogs. I stopped walking her because I couldn’t handle her any more. Beverly explained to us that it was actually dog fear aggression that was causing her to react.  She taught Sandy to be more confident with us and around other dogs, and now she can walk by other dogs with no problem at all. Our lives are SO much better! I highly recommend the Pooch Coach!” –Jess M, Mt View

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