Avoiding Dog Aggression

No one wants to believe – or risk – that their dog is aggressive. You want to do your best to ensure your pet won’t growl, bite or otherwise harm others. The paper below will go over early warning signs of dog aggression, and give you simple tests to perform with your dog to ensure you’re on the right track.Avoiding Dog Aggression


Avoiding Dog Aggression

Beverly in Belize with a “hunting dog” who was aggressive towards Quash. She taught the dog to calmly sit with the Quash, as seen below, and then to ignore the animals (who are the resort owner’s favorite pets).


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“How to recognize and avoid aggression in your dog”


The Pooch Coach can help you with any type of dog fear or dog aggression, including:


– Dog on Dog Aggression

(Learn about dog on dog aggression)

– People Aggression 

(Learn about aggression towards people)

– Dog Food Aggression -aka Resource Guarding

(Learn about resource guarding)

– Dog Leash Aggression

(Learn about dog leash aggression)

– Dog Aggression or Fear towards objects – skateboards, vacuums, bikes, etc.

(Learn about object aggression & get simple tips to fix it)

– Dog Fear or Shyness

(Learn about fearful dogs)


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