Dog Housebreaking

Dog Housebreaking

“Puppy Potty Training for People…
How to housebreak your dog without alienating him.”

Sold in over 40 states, the UK, Mexico and Canada!!

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Only $5 for everything you’ll need to know about dog housebreaking
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This video is a fun and easy way to learn all you’ll need to know to

successfully and quickly potty train your dog or puppy:

Crate and pen training.

Proper corrections (never hit a dog!).

What items you’ll need to buy.

Leaving your new puppy or dog home alone.

What expectations you should have.

For about the cost of fancy cup of coffee, this video:

1. Demonstrates two techniques that help you potty train your dog quickly

2. Provides a list of recommended tools you need to succeed

3. Teaches you to effectively communicate with your dog and gain their respect

4. Shows you the secret to getting your dog to tell you when he needs to GO!!

5. Applies to a new puppy, an adopted dog, a rescue dog or an older untrained canine

6. Includes a handout to download that highlights everything you’ve learned

7. Gives you access to FREE email support from The Pooch Coach herself*!

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You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn about dog housebreaking in only 9 minutes.

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