Deacon came back for some more training. He’s doing great!

One of the things his parents wanted help with was his dog reaction to doorbells.

Dog Reaction to Doorbells
As with many dogs, Deacon gets overly excited when he hears the bell ring. So, we’re already off to a bad start for being able to greet people politely.


I assign a series of steps for my clients, depending on their dog’s issues. Some dogs just get excited and bark too much, some dogs get scared and others get aggressive.



Here are some general steps that will help all dogs who react poorly or too intensely at the sound of the doorbell.


-Practice answering the door with your dog on leash. That will control his running around and jumping, and allow you to demonstrate to him how you would you LIKE for him to go to the door.


-Have him sit to be petted for all guests and family members. Then, he knows what his job/role is when greeting people.


-Have family members ring the doorbell when they come home and practice answering. If you do this multiple times a day, the doorbell gets less and less exciting, and you get to practice proper greeting until Fido has it down perfectly and will perform well under real life circumstances.


-Keep using a leash until he’s got it down perfectly so he doesn’t slip into bad habits. If your dog is jumper or lunger, step on the leash to further control him.


Dogs doorbell reaction

Happy ringing!!