Dog Seperation AnxietyChester’s mom wrote that he is a 9-year-old corgi/pom whom they rescued from ACC in May. She said that he’s a fabulous dog, but can’t be left alone. He has what she was told are all the symptoms of separation anxiety: he’ll bark, bite his paws, make himself sick/go to the bathroom and then eat it, he’ll scratch the doors, etc.


They tried a bunch of things that they read online, but it wasn’t getting better, so she turned to The Pooch Coach.


Now Chester’s been put on a new exercise and training regimen along with exercises The Pooch Coach assigns specifically for separation anxiety. They are also working on his shyness with new people. Building his self-reliance and getting him over his fears are a large part of him being more relaxed & confident in all situations.


Read more about separation anxiety and get some tips on how to avoid it here: