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Dog Separation Anxiety

Dogs are pack animals and, in general, do not like being left alone. But they should be able to “self soothe” for several hours by themselves.

If your dog exhibits any of these behaviors when left in your house, car or tied up outside – or even when left with another person, he or she probably has dog separation anxiety.


-Incessant barking or howling
-Scratching at doors
-Tearing up rugs, couches or other items in your house or car
-Hurting his paws or teeth trying to get out of his crate
-Pooping or peeing (when otherwise housetrained)

Your dog doesn’t need to be stressed out.
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Dog Separation Anxiety“We turned to Beverly because Suzie was ripping up our rugs and scratching all the paint off of our doors whenever we left her alone. It was a classic case of dog separation anxiety. We felt so bad for her, and we knew we were starting to feed into the problem. But, after just 2 sessions with The Pooch Coach, Suzie was cured! We now can leave her alone for 5 hours and she just relaxes and mostly sleeps. We are so grateful. Thank you, Beverly!!“ -Karl and Dana, San Francisco

Dog Separation Anxiety“Kahula was a mess. He had escaped from 2 different kennels, pawed and gnawed his way out of the garage, and broke several teeth in the process. Our vet put him on Xanax, and it only made him worse. Every day was so stressful. I asked a friend to walk him every day, and even that didn’t help. But, after working with Beverly, he sleeps in his new kennel and hasn’t had another incident in months. I had to up his daily exercise and do some simple exercises and training. But it still feels like a miracle.” –Mary, Belmont, CA