The 4 most common reasons The Pooch Coach is asked to perform a Dog Temperament Evaluation are:


Dog Temperament Evaluation

1. Shelter dog about to be put down – can the rescue group save him and safely place him into a foster home?


2. Person wants to adopt a new dog (or just adopted a dog) and wants professional opinion


3. Dog owner is trying to rent an apartment and landlord wants to ensure the dog is not dangerous in any way and,


4. Court case needs proof that a dog is or is not dangerous in the situation being discussed in the case.



A recent case had a bicyclist claim that this person’s dog attacked him as he rode by at Fort Mason. What really happened is that the dog was excited to get off leash and took off running and ran into the back wheel of the bike, accidentally knocking the rider off. The dog stumbled as well after the little collision.
The cyclist had no bite marks, or medical records, but claimed he was bitten.


The Pooch Coach was hired to perform a dog temperament evaluation and prove that the dog does not attack bikes or bicyclists. In addition to a full hands on eval, we also saw about 2 dozen bikes go by all at different speeds, and the dog was fine and not reactive at all. The dog had no interest in biting anyone.


If possible, I try to get a quick video to use as further evidence along with my formal written eval. Here’s the video I did for these owners that most closely replicated the situation they had.



If you or someone you know is in need of professional dog temperament evaluation, here is more info on how it all works: Dog Temperament Evaluation & Dangerous Dog Court Help.