We have lots of free dog training tips and advice to get you started!   Choose from basic dog training tips and commands all the way to getting help with common dog behavioral issues.  We have free dog training videos for basic and advanced commands and behavioral issues as well.


Free dog training tipsThese tips should give you enough information to solve any minor issues.  But please note that, as some videos will warn, if your dog is aggressive and/or has bitten someone or attacked another dog, you should seek professional help right away.  Do not attempt to train a dog who might cause injury without a behaviorist’s guidance.  Please contact The Pooch Coach Dog Training for some one-on-one help with your dog.

Why Train Your Dog?

Issues with having an untrained dog

The Benefits of Private Training

When personalized programs are best

General Dog Training Tips

12 quick tips on dog training

Dog Behavior Issues

Info on Aggression, Fear, Anxiety & more

Levels of Dog Training

Outdoors, distractions & off leash training

Kids & Dogs

How to best ensure safety with children

Cats & Dogs

How to safely introduce your dog and cat

wikiHow Articles Co-Authored by The Pooch Coach

Articles co-authored by Beverly Ulbrich, Owner of the The Pooch Coach. Topics include “How to Stop Your Dog from Waking You Up at Night”, “How to Take a Dog’s Temperature Without Using a Thermometer”, “How to Stop a Dog from Digging” and more.

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Free videos teaching commands & solving common issues. If you’d like to see all of The Pooch Coach’s videos, visit our Dog Channel on YouTube.

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