Lucy makes her mom laugh.  But she also frustrates her at times because she jumps up on everyone to say hello. She muddies people at the dog park and even scares some people who are not so dog friendly.


Dogs can jump - How to stop them!

Lucy makes her mom crack-up

I always say that having an overly friendly dog is a good problem to have.  It’s easier – and more fun –  to curb enthusiasm than to have to help a fearful or aggressive dog learn to trust people. That can be heartbreaking!


But a dog jumping people to greet them is not only impolite, but can also be dangerous.  I’ve been involved in numerous court cases where people have been knocked over by a well-meaning dog and gotten horribly injured. I’ve seen broken arms, broken hips, and even fairly severe head injuries.   Then there’s also the court time and costs to deal with it all.  Not fun.   You need to fix the situation.


You don’t want your dog to injure anyone.  So how do you train your dog to stop jumping on you and others to say hello?


It’s easy!


Teach them what to do instead: Sit to be petted.


In fact, if you make it a rule that your dog never gets petted unless he’s sitting or lying down, then he will learn to request pets in this fashion rather than by jumping, pawing, whining or mouthing.


Here’s a short video with a quick tip for getting your dog on his way to sitting for greetings.



Happy & safe petting everyone!