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The Pooch Coach has over 20 years experience working
with dogs for TV and movies and stage

Dogs for TV & Movies


Whatever you need a dog to do, The Pooch Coach can make it happen. She works magic with dogs in all media. She has worked on every major network and has trained & wrangled dogs for TV and movies as well as for live theater & stage acts.  She has also trained and provided dogs for print & TV advertisements. Just tell her your needs…


She can make it happen!

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Beverly working with DOGTV.

Beverly working with DOGTV.

“When filming content for DOGTV (television for dogs), it’s important for us to work with the most professional and experienced dog trainers, in order to get the best content for dogs to enjoy. Beverly Ulbrich was so easy to work with because she knew exactly what we needed, and how to get that from the dogs. I don’t know how she does it, but it works beautifully! I’m looking forward to working with Beverly on more DOGTV programs.” (Ron Levi, Founder/Chief Content Officer, DOGTV)

ghost in the gun The Pooch Coach dog trainer
The star dog is playing dead while Beverly keeps a watchful eye.

“I needed a last minute replacement for a key canine cast member. Beverly saved my bacon by finding the perfect dog to play Scout and took the time to train her for our barn scene. I got every shot that I needed, and it turned out great!” – Andrew Chen, Director, Ghost in the Gun


“Our experience with Beverly was fantastic. Her dog Kompis she provided for our film was a one-take wonder! It turned out to be the easiest scene we shot all week. Beverly managed to turn a scene we worried about into a scene we smiled about, a lot. We can’t thank her enough.” Brock Mullins, Director – Light with Sound

The Pooch Coach The Love Effect Film
Beverly holds the star dog's attention to get the perfect shot needed for the film.
“Beverly is one of those on-in-a-million talents who speaks human, pooch and real results.  Her work on our film THE LOVE EFFECT made animal interactions and performances safe, reliable, fun and honestly just incredible.  She went above and beyond for us, scouting and training our star puppy for our film and making sure both our team and the owner of the dog were comfortable and confident! Bev’s approach is just like her, one of a kind and we knew we were in the right hands from day one.”— Drue Metz, Writer/Director – /


“I’ve worked with Beverly on two fiction projects, and one award-winning feature film. All required the dogs be able to perform very unusual tasks, and in each case they were able to provide me with so many amazing takes! I’m inclined to write dogs into my work so I can have another on set experience so great!” –Rob Richert – Film Director

the pooch coach dog training dogs tv movies
Beverly carefully positions the dogs to get the shot. Safety is her priority.


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High-level overview of Beverly’s film & TV work

Television and Ads

2023: Trained and handled dog (Musik) with OpenLight Films for Sequoia.

2023: Trained and handled dog (Musik) with Molekule for Molekule air purifiers.

2023: Trained and handled dog (Musik) with Cruise for driverless car ad.

2022: Casted and trained dog (Musik) with Anecdote Creative for Fuzzy Pet Health ads.

2021: Casted and trained dog (Musik) with SideCar Studios for Tile ad.

2021: Casted and trained dog for Nexthink Ad. Dog got sick, used Musik the day of the shoot. She impressed everyone!

2021: Was interviewed as a celebrity dog trainer by The Dodo with Musik.  Had over 1/2 million hits on Twitter.

2020: Casted, trained, and handled dog (Musik) with soccer legend, Brandi Chastain, with for Angry Orange, Quility, and 3 other products.

2019: Casted, trained, and handled dog with Merit/Andrew for Landsea Homes

2019: Casted, trained, and handled dog (Musik) with Kraken Cove Productions for Grove Collaborative

2019: Casted, trained, and handled dog (Musik) with Verizon Media for Yahoo.

2019: Casted, trained, and handled dog (Musik) with Corduroy Media for June Ovens (print & video).

2019: Casted, trained, & handled 20 dogs, and scouted all locations for a 2 day, 4 location shoot for DOGTV. See some behind the scenes shots here and here, and see a playlist with a dozen clips here.

2018: Casted, trained, and handled 4 dogs shot in slow motion with Corduroy Media for Haggar Clothing.

2018: Casted, trained, and handled dog (Musik) with Thayer Gowdy and North Six for Vera Bradley (print & video).

2017: Casted, trained, and handled dogs for Xfinity Mobile TV Ad (iPhone 8) for Capitol Art.

2016: Casted, trained, & handled over 350 dogs, and scouted all locations for a 14 day, 25 location shoot for DOGTV. See some samples of the finished work here.

2016: Casted, trained, and handled dog for Palo Alto Networks Commercial shoot by GB Films.

2016: Trained & handled Kompis for NE Gas & Electric TV Commercial [Thinkmojo].

2015:  Filmed with NBA star Klay Thompson & Ric Bucher training Klay’s dog for Bleacher Report.

2015:  Interviewed on CBS News in August about animal abuse & proper training techniques

2015:  Filmed in March as dog expert in documentary about dogs becoming more like our children

2014:  Interviewed on CBS news about dogs’ ability to feel emotions in February.

2014:  Appeared on Bloomberg TV News April 2014 “Taking Stock” with Pimm Fox

2012-14: Appeared on Bravo’s Below Deck: seasons 1 & 2. Handled dog on chartered mega yacht.

2014: Casted, trained, & handled 30+ dogs, and scouted all locations for a 2 day, 5 location shoot for DOGTV

2014: Appeared on DOGTV “Dog Star” with actress Maggie Lawson (see more here)

2013: Casted, trained, & handled 7 dogs for Hewlett Packard TV Commercial [GB Films]. (see below)

2011: Interviewed on CBS News about an unneutered fatal pit bull attack in August

2011: Interviewed on ABC live news about fatal pit bull attack in August

2011: Interviewed on CBS News about local pit bull case involving a police horse attack.

2009: Appeared on Prototype This!: “Robotic Dog Sitter”. Casted, trained & handled all 15+ dogs for this episode (see above and here)

2007: Year long contract with NBC (KRON4) TV Weekend News as Dog Commentator.

  • Live segments once a month. (see some here)
  • Give training tips and advice, invite non-profits as guests, feature adoptable dogs and train them live on the show.

2007: Appeared on MythBusters: “Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?” (See it here)

2007: Local celeb judge for “America’s Cutest Puppies” (KAOS Entertainment, WE TV)

2006: Animal Planet: “Rocket Dogs”.  Featured as Rocket Dog Rescue’s dog behaviorist. (MEG TV)

2005-2007:  5 appearances on CBS & NBC News to speak about dog aggression, focused on local Pit Bull scare.

2005: Appearance live on NBC TV morning news to speak about Pit Bulls, signs of aggression.

2004: Appeared with Mike Rowe on Evening Magazine to evaluate dog collar that interprets barking.



2021: Trained and handled co-star Musik for short film “Commuting” (click to view film!)

2021: Trained and handled co-star Musik for short film “Project Bau” (click to view film!)

2020: Trained and handled Musik for short film “It’s Always Something

2018: Casted, trained, and handled 15 German Shepherds for short film “The Sheperds of Cat Island

2018: Casted, trained, and handled 2 dogs (Musik & a Pit Bull) for feature film “Last Black man in San Francisco

2017: Casted, trained, and handled dog (Kompis & understudy) for short film by Lisa Yadao.

2016: Casted, trained, and handled dog for short film “25th & Telegraph” by Andrew Baek.

2015: Casted, trained, & handled dog for short film “Ghost in the Gun

2015: Casted, trained, & handled dog for short film “The Love Effect

2014: Trained & handled Kompis for short silent film “Smile”

2013: Trained & handled Kompis for short film “No One But Lydia

2013: Casted & trained dog for short film “4 Pounds of Flowers

2012: Trained & handled Kompis for short film “Within”

2009-2010: Casted, trained, and handled all 100+ dogs for full length feature film “Doggie B.”, Kompis had starring role.

2005-2006: Filmed full length film “Puppy” with my dog Kompis as the star. Released 2007.

2003-2004: Filmed for and appeared in “24 hours on Craigslist” with several dogs.



2023 – Trained and wrangled Musik  for 22 performances in SF Theatre as Sandy in “Annie Warbucks“.

2010 – Performed dogs tricks on stage at Studs for huge Rocket Dog Rescue benefit along with other local celebrity performances.

2005-2006: Kompis played Toto in 2 live theater productions of “The Wizard of Oz”.  Performed all the necessary training, and handled her on and off stage throughout the 25 performances.


46 seconds of dogs being worked by The Pooch Coach for an HP Commercial


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