Both physically and emotionally
dogs help us heal


With all the tragic and stressful things happening in the world today, isn’t it wonderful that we have dogs?


As The Pooch Coach got to witness again this week, dogs have great healing power in our lives. They are more than just loving companions – they have the power to improve our overall health and well-being. Here are some ways dogs make a difference in our lives, including some specific examples with The Pooch Coach:


Decrease stress – several studies have demonstrated that people experienced less stress when performing a task in the company of their dog – even more than when a spouse, family or friend was close by.


Lower blood pressure – having a pet has the potential to lower blood pressure. (This finding is associated with the decreased level of stress people experience while being around their pet)


Ease Pain – Dogs have the power to help heal patients experiencing emotional or physical pain. Pet therapy or animal-assisted therapy is a growing field that uses dogs or other animals to help people recover and better cope with health problems. Musik helps her mom with her migraines.


Better moods – People who have dogs tend to be happier, more trusting and less lonely than those who do not. How many times have you been upset and had your dog do something silly that made you laugh? They’re always here to cheer us up!


Less doctor visits – Pet guardians are also less likely to visit the doctor for minor issues. Or, as Beverly found out, even with major issues. Not wanting to leave her dog alone, she had the emergency medicine doctor come to her house! (Hence, the IV in her arm on her couch).


Socializing – Dogs attract people, and that can help you make connections more easily. If you are not the best at socializing, take your dog to a nearby park and see how others naturally become drawn to your furry friend.


Prevent allergies and improve immunity – children who grow up with dogs are less likely to have pet related allergies as adults. And, when dogs spend time outside, they bring in all sorts of germs into the home, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The outside germs can help boost your immunity which will help prevent colds and other mild illnesses.


Improve fitness – As The Pooch Coach always iterates, dogs need to be walked every single day to remain emotionally and physically healthy. And really, the same is true for people! Dogs can give you that extra motivation to take a walk around your neighborhood, explore a new area, or play fetch at a nearby park.


So take note of all these things and pay attention, and you will really start to notice and appreciate how much your mood and well-being is positively affected by your dog.


And, why not ensure we’re giving back the same to them? Here’s a brief article and video that demonstrates how we should be petting and touching our dogs every day to ensure their health and well-being.