MaxPoor Max… He’s been attacked by other dogs more than once. His mom wrote:


“Pitbull’s, Rottweiler’s and German Shepard’s have attacked my dog Max and I. Every time this happens we are just walking by and the dogs come out of nowhere because they are unleashed. Max has ended up in critical care twice. It has been difficult to take him out on walks because he is so defensive when he encounters any dog on the streets. I know I am making it worse because I have become overprotective, as I am worn out by fighting for his life every time we get attacked. I would really love to change this behavior, but I am unsure how”


I hear these stories too often. People don’t take the precautions necessary to control their dogs, and they end up hurting other dogs.


And, once a dog has been injured, he has some emotional scars as well as physical ones and, more importantly, his owner is usually badly affected as well.


My job is then to build up confidence with both the dog AND his owner so that they can move about freely and comfortably in the world again. I often take dog owners to dog parks without their dogs just to work 1-1 with them to get them over their own fears and help them realize how much control they really do have around other dogs.


This is one of the most obvious examples of how much good dog trainers & behaviourists really are training people and need to understand dog and human psychology in order to perform their jobs effectively.


If you have fears that are keeping you tied in bad patterns with your dog, please don’t give up hope… We’re here to help.