Here are some of the entertainment shows & films The Pooch Coach has been involved with over the last 17 years.

Advertising with Brandi Chastain

Beverly with world-famous soccer star, Brandi Chastain. We shot a series of Ads together with Beverly’s dog, Musik, playing Brandi’s dog.

Dogs for entertainment Brandi Chastain advertisement



Beverly with the stars of the hit show “MythBusters”.
She was chosen to help test: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.
She has worked with both Jamie and Adam to train their dogs.

Click here to see the final dog training contest between Jamie and Adam!

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Animal Planet


Beverly being filmed for a feature on “Animal Planet” showing her volunteer training of foster dogs and newly adopted dogs from Rocket Dog Rescue.


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NBA star Klay Thompson and his dog Rocco


The Pooch Coach got to help the NBA Golden State Warriors’ star, Klay Thompson, with his bulldog Rocco. They were filmed for an upcoming episode to air in early 2016 with Ric Bucher on “Bleacher Report“. Klay Thompson’s dog, Rocco, was not dropping the frisbee after he fetched it, so Beverly taught Klay to use the “drop it” command with Rocco, and it worked perfectly! Click here to read our blog on Klay’s training session and see more pics.


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America’s Cutest Puppies


Beverly was chosen as a celebrity judge for the National TV Show “America’s Cutest Puppies”, which was originally aired in March of 2007.


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Beverly’s training abilities allowed her puppy to land the lead role in a movie. Included in the cast is Calico Cooper (Alice Cooper’s daughter). Below are some pictures from the set of the movie “Puppy”, starring Kompis, Beverly’s dog. This independent film was released in early 2007.


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“Doggie B”


Beverly was hired in 2009 & 2010 to cast, train and handle all of the over 100 dogs for the movie “Doggie B“. Her dog Kompis was once again one of the stars, and Beverly got to play a couple of cameo roles as well.

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Below Deck


Beverly & her sidekick Kompis were featured on 3 episodes of Bravo’s “Below Deck” in 2 consecutive seasons. Beverly demonstrated how a well-trained dog can go anywhere – even on a mega yacht cruising around the Caribbean and British Virgin Islands!

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Here’s one of the funniest scenes from the whole first season…

Beverly making the ship’s salty old sea Captain say “go poo poo”!

Prototype This


Beverly found, wrangled and trained all the dogs for an episode of “Prototype This!”, an International show on the Discovery Channel, in March 2009. She got to meet the original Robot from Lost in Space during the shoot!


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24 hours on Craigslist


Associated Press photo of Beverly being filmed for a movie released in 2005 that features her training capabilities and successful business.  The movie is called “24 hours on Craigslist”.


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Wizard of Oz


Kompis played the coveted role of Toto in the Wizard of Oz in dozens of live performances for 2 different theater troupes in 2 cities. She was only 15 months old and was already quite the star! She even signed paw-autographs after the show.


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DogTV Shoot


Watch Beverly with TV’s Maggie Lawson (“Pysch”, “Two and a Half Men” & “Angel from Hell”) on DOGTV’s Dog Star


Beverly filming on green screen with TV’s Maggie Lawson for DOGTV and filming on location with dogs for DOGTV’s programming.

Kompis paw bumps with
TV actor Maggie Lawson

Beverly’s dog, Kompis, surprises DOGTV Founder for ALS challenge video


Documentary  Shoot


Beverly being filmed for a documentary about dogs. March 2015.
documentary shoot

Beverly with Cesar Milan, “The Dog Whisperer”


To read about Beverly’s training philosophy, please click here.



Legal Note: The Pooch Coach and Beverly Ulbrich have no affiliation with Cesar Milan or “The Dog Whisperer” TV program.

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