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The Pooch Coach has been working with dog rescues, shelters, and breeders in the Bay Area for over 20 years. She has temperament tested over 1,000 dogs for these groups. She can help you find & evaluate the perfect dog for you!

Here are some things to consider….

Choosing a dog based on looks or breed alone is like choosing your wife or husband that way! There is SO much more to each dog. Dogs have different personalities, issues, energy levels and skill sets.


– Do you like short, leisurely strolls, or are you a long distance runner?
– How much time and energy do you have for grooming – or vacuuming?
– Do you have kids – or want them in the future?
– Do you have the time & patience to train a puppy, or would an older dog be better for your lifestyle?


All of these things and more come into play when choosing the perfect dog to fit your lifestyle.

Our services include:

– We will spend an hour meeting with you to learn about your situation & desires. We will also discuss what dog ownership entails and answer any questions you have.
– We will contact local rescue groups and shelters to find dogs that match your preferences, or we’ll interview your breeder for you.
– We will conduct a temperament test on the final dog you choose to ensure they are happy, confident and have no signs of behavioral issues.
– You’ll get free potty training and household introduction tips to ensure you get off on the right foot… & paws!

We have helped hundreds of people find their puppy love.
We can help you, too!

Here are some tips on getting a new dog:

Only get dogs from reputable sources, like local rescue groups or shelters.


If you want to use a breeder:
1. Meet the breeder in person.
2. Meet both of the dog’s parents.
3. Tour the breeding facility.
If the breeder doesn’t allow visits or introductions, assume they are not ethical or improperly run (Puppy mill?)


Don’t have your dog shipped to you.


Pick him up. It’s scary to be put in a kennel and shipped.
It also means potty/crate training is ruined, since he’s going to go in his shipping crate.


We have helped hundreds of people find their puppy love.
We can help you, too!




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The family welcoming Sadie home her first night.

The family welcoming Sadie home her first night.

“Beverly is a combination dog trainer and family therapist. She understands that the dog becomes a member of the family and therefore she works with your family, lifestyle, needs and preferences. Our family really wanted a dog but was struggling with how to fit it into our already hectic life. Beverly helped us connect with rescue organizations, understand how to select the right dog for us, and how to welcome the dog into our home. She even helped talk us through our hard moments when we had second thoughts. She stayed in touch with us through our first days with the dog and answered all of our questions. I would recommend her to anyone whether they are an existing dog owner or considering a dog.”

-Lisa B, San Francisco

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